Lifting the lid on Tapas in Ronda - Spanish tapas translations to English

Lifting the lid on Tapas in Ronda

The original tapa was a small dish that the camarero (barman) would place over your drink – hence the name: lid. The reason for this practice is unclear: perhaps it was to keep the flies off; perhaps it was the combination of poverty and heat, which made eating a large meal impractical. Either way, the important thing was that the snack was free!

Nowadays, tapas have evolved from those humble beginnings to become practically an art form in Seville and Granada. In some cities (Granada and Jaen for example) you will often automatically be given a tapa whenever you order a drink; in most other places excpect to pay a couple of euros for most tapas.

There are four basic sizes of food
  • Pincho – mouthful
  • Tapa – saucerful
  • Media-racion – half a plateful
  • Racion – plateful

The tapas list will be displayed on a menu at the bar, or a board on the wall, or, most likely, you just take your pick of what you fancy from trays under a glass counter. If you eat at the bar, you’ll pay the price on the menu. If you eat at a table or outside on the terraza, you’ll normally pay more. Settle the bill once you have finished eating, rather than when you order.

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Classic Tapas in Ronda
  • Aceitunas (rellenos) – Olives (stuffed)
  • Albondigas – Meatballs
  • Almendras saladas – Salted almonds
  • Boquerones en vinagre – Fresh anchovies in vinegar
  • Calamares rellenos – Stuffed baby squid
  • Calamares a la Romana – Fried battered squid rings
  • Calamares en su tinta – Squid cooked in its ink
  • Chanquetes – Whitebait
  • Chorizo al Vino – Spicy sausage in red wine
  • Croquetas – Croquettes
  • Empanadas – Flat pies
  • Empanadilla – Small fried pasties
  • Ensaladilla de Rusa – Russian salad
  • Flamenquines – Ham and pork pastry rolls
  • Fritura de pescado – Flash fried fish
  • Gambas al ajillo – Prawns in garlic
  • Huevos rellenos – Stuffed hard boiled eggs
  • Jamon serrano – Cured ham
  • Mejillones al vapor – Steamed muscles
  • Pan con tomate – Bread rubbed with fresh tomatoes
  • Patatas ali oil – Potatoes in garlic mayonnaise
  • Patatas Bravas – Potatoes in a spicy sauce
  • Pimientas de Padrón – Fried hot small green peppers
  • Pincho moruno – Grilled meat brochette (pork or chicken)
  • Pisto manchego – Ratatouille with meat
  • Pollo al ajillo – Garlic chicken
  • Revuelto – Scrambled eggs
  • Riñones al Jerez – Kidneys in sherry
  • Sobrassada – Soft Mallorcan paprika sausage
  • Tortilla Española – Spanish Omelette

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