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What is there to see in Ronda Spain?

Welcome to one of Spain’s most visited cities (and for good reason.) Our little city is very compact and in fact from arriving in Ronda, to seeing the Real Maestranza bullring, the Puente Nuevo and El Tajo gorge, the many beautiful churches, our museums, or the wonderful coffee shops, restaurants and tapas bars, we have it all within a short 30 minute walk so a guide and map for Ronda Spain would be helpful?

We have received many emails from people asking for a printed version of Ronda Today so we have created a 21 page A4 essential Guide and map for Ronda Spain  from some of the most popular articles on this website.

At just 5 Euros (Paypal) It is well worth the small investment if you are planning to visit the “City of Dreams” for a week, a couple of days or just a day. The guide contains Ronda Todays’ most important tourist information articles and includes a map of Ronda city, the most popular monuments and nearby places to visit including information on the Sierra de Grazalema and the white villages (Pueblos Blancos).

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Just click the link below, pay via Paypal and you will receive an email with a link to download the guide to your computer. It’s a PDF document so you can store it on your machine and print it straight away.

If you don’t want to use paypal then drop me a line at clive@rondatoday.com for other methods of payment. However, paypal is free to use, takes almost all types of payment cards and you don’t need to create a paypal account to use the service. Best of all it is free (No transfer charges) for the buyer.

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Thank you for supporting Ronda Todays continued growth by purchasing this essential tourist guide and map of Ronda!

Linguistic Tourism | A different way to travel

by @_chloeaam

Linguistic tourism is a unique way to travel, that goes beyond the homogeneity of mass tourism and encourages people to immerse themselves in the true way of life of the particular country. In some places, they’re using linguistic tourism to nurture interest in endangered languages, and in others they purely want to generate enthusiasm about a different type of tourism for example learn Spanish in Malaga. Why go to a place only to use your native language, instead of attempting to engage in the language of the country you’re visiting?

This different side of tourism is what Entrelenguas is all about: our focus is on truly authentic travel experiences, perfectly combined with learning a new language. So, if this is something that interests you, then Entrelenguas is the perfect place to learn Spanish in Malaga. It’s the best Spanish school in Spain in terms of having a true vested interest in combining language-learning with a palpable connection to the community….

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When we do a tour or a leisure activity during a trip, we like to feel that we are in the best hands. Tourism companies have the special ability to form and immortalise the memories of the place that we discover with them. It is essential that that they not only count on the knowledge of the history and the curiosities of the destination, but also on the love towards it. Only in this way can you guarantee a genuine and unforgettable experience. In Ronda, the name of this company is entrelenguas: under the same name we mix orange tourism, leisure tourism and idiomatic tourism so we can receive clients with different interests, but always under the same philosophy, Slow travel. They take travellers to carefully designed routes and share with them their passion for the local and community, teach Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere and organize quality events fostering cultural offer in Ronda. Today, this cultural immersion centre tells us more about its approach to Slow Tourism and the…

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What is Slow tourism?

We define Slow tourism as a philosophy of travelling that allows us to get the most real side of a destination from the traveler experience.

The attempt to recover from a relaxed rhythm of life and to have time to think twice and with criterion what we want, to be taken over the passage of time and to allow things to happen without more, have made the slow movement one of the protagonists in our social networks. In short, this movement reclaims the lost principles because of the evolution of our routines towards an accelerated lifestyle and where the most basic values have lost their importance. Another way to say slow is quiet, calm, and relaxed. It means to double our way of acting and to relate to the environment and, more importantly, to people.

If we apply the movement described above to tourism we find a way of traveling that promotes recovering the basic values of tourism to achieve a real and true experience. We can describe slow travel as one that teaches us to be…

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