How to get a taxi in Ronda

Taxis in Ronda

Getting taxis in Ronda will often involve calling ahead and requesting a pickup, this is because there is in fact only one taxi rank in Ronda despite there being several taxi pickup and drop off points.

Hailing a vacant taxi in Ronda is quite common, although many drivers on their way to a fare may not switch on the out of service light, so hailing a taxi may not always result in actually getting a taxi.

If you do need to call for a taxi, the number is 952 872 316 or 952 874 080. These numbers should automatically forward you to an available taxi (in therory 24 hour servive) However if you need to plan ahead then check out the numbers below to reserve your Ronda taxi in advance.

Tip: Get your hotel to help with your taxi transfers in Ronda!

Prices for taxi service in Ronda are fixed, every licensed taxi will have a schedule of fares printed on a laminated card, white card for normal weekday fares, and a light red or green card for weekends and night fares. From 6.00 till 24.00 (6am till midnight) Monday to Friday you’ll pay the regular rate. The night and weekend tariff starts at 0.00 going till 6.00 (midnight till 6am) and Saturdays and Sundays.

Public holidays will be charged at the weekend rate plus a surcharge that may be as much as 25% although some drivers will simply charge the normal weekend rate. It is always best to get a fixed price quote before departing.

Organise your taxi transfer to Ronda from Malaga or Seville
Book your taxis online in advance

Sit back and relax on a private airport transfer for arrivals from Malaga Airport to your accommodations in Ronda.: Click here for a taxi to Ronda from Malaga.

Pre-book a comfortable private transfer and enjoy door-to-door service from Seville to Ronda, suitable for all group sizes.: Click here for a taxi to Ronda from Seville.

Telephone numbers for taxis in Ronda (May 2023)

If all else fails and you are in Ronda and need a taxi then you can try these contacts. Many say that they are a 24 hour service but that remains to be seen… Your best bet, always, is to try the rota system number mentoned previously that should give you access to a working taxi no matter what time of day! In theory 24 hours a day!

Ronda Taxi (24 hours)

Ronda Taxi, run by Santiago, has a 24 hour taxi service in Ronda that also arranges trips to local towns, villages and attractions. He can arrange airport transfers has a cycle trailer can does hotel pickups and dropoffs. If you don’t speak Spanish then get your hotel to help out with the taxi reservations.

  • Santiago López (Taxi number 4 in Ronda)
  • Web:
  • 622 223 618
Taxis De Ronda (24 hours)

Pick ups and drops offs from hotels and airports in the Ronda area. Also arranges trips to local attractions. This service is connected to the Global Taxi system

  • If the website or app doesn’t work then try calling 952 87 40 80
Taxi 9 Ronda (24 hours)
  • 652 98 54 33
Transfer 12 Ronda

Stops service at 12 am but if all else fails its worth a call?

  • 654 56 10 39
Transfer Ronda Taxi 16

This guy seems to stop working at 10 pm but is highly recommended for airport transfers to Ronda

  • 629 62 77 22
(Rafael) Taxi 6
  • And lastly, taxi 6. Rafael 687708205 24 hour service

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