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Voicemap GPS audio tours in Spain

Unearth the enchanting wonders of Spain through a captivating range of audio tours. From the lively streets of Barcelona and Granada to the iconic landmarks of Madrid and the picturesque white villages of Andalucia, these immersive experiences offer a unique and unparalleled way to embrace the country’s rich culture, enthralling history, and hidden treasures.

Embark on an unforgettable journey, where captivating storytelling intertwines with your every step, revealing the very soul of Spain at your preferred pace. Let knowledgeable local voices be your guides, leading you through the heart of Spain’s captivating cities, charming towns, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Let the allure of Spain’s audio tours ignite your curiosity and set the stage for an unforgettable exploration of this diverse and fascinating country.

Voicemap GPS audio tours in Spain

The links below will take you to either Viator or Get Your Guide where you can find out more and buy the audio walking guides available in Spain. These guides are truly well worth the small investment of around 10 Euros. Written and narrated by locals who share their small corner of Spain with you.

(See the entire list of worldwide Voice map tours at Get Your Guide here.)

Audio Tours in Ronda (by Ronda Today)

Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Ronda, Andalucia’s ‘city of dreams’: A walking tour: Discover the town that cured German poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s writer’s block. “I have searched everywhere for the ‘city of dreams,” he wrote, “and found it here, in Ronda”. Take in the same sights that inspired him on this walking tour from the Lady Goyesca Statue in the Alameda del Tajo garden, over the world-famous Puente Nuevo de Ronda to the old town and back.

Audio Tours in Granada

Enchanting Granada: a walking tour of the historical centre and lower Albaicín
Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Many visitors to Granada head straight to the awe-inspiring Alhambra, the fortified palace complex that rises above the skyline. But this vibrant and historic city has so much more to offer! Wandering through its cobbled squares, alleyways and viewpoints is the perfect way to soak up its rich 1,000-year history. On this walking tour, I’ll show you the beautiful fusion of Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque architecture that you’ll find all around you in Granada’s historical centre.

Vibrant Multicultural Realejo: A Walking Tour of Granada’s Old Jewish Quarter
Granada - Old Jewish Quarter Smartphone Audio Guide

Realejo, Granada’s old Jewish Quarter, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place with a fascinating history. Its synagogues and mosques gave way to churches over 500 years ago but, if you know where to look, many traces of its Jewish and Muslim heritage remain. On this walking tour, you’ll see this lively neighbourhood’s rich past come to life.

The Albaicín and Sacromonte’s Iconic Sights: A Granada Walking Tour
Granada: Albaicín and Sacromonte Smartphone Audio Guide

The Alhambra’s palaces and ramparts, with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains towering above them, are one of Andalusia’s iconic images. On this walking tour, you’ll never be far from a spectacular viewpoint and, between them, you’ll dive into narrow, winding streets that have hardly changed since Moorish times.

Audio Tours in Seville

Essential Seville Walking Tour

Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Don’t have time to go on a guided tour? Do you prefer discovering things on your own? We have the perfect solution for you! With our audio tours, you can find the essential information of the lovely Seville, while feeling immersed in the stories that we narrate.

Audio Tours in Menorca

Historic Walk through Old Ciutadella
Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Join me on this tour of the lesser known parts of Ciutadella. I’ll lead you through narrow streets, past ancient churches and palaces, and along the vibrant marina. Here it seems as if time has stopped. See the old parts of Ciutadella through the eyes of a local and understand what makes this beautiful part of Menorca so special.

Audio Tours in Madrid

Madrid Walking Tour: Manzanares River’s Story from Prehistory to Popular Park
Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Winding through the southern part of the city like a green ribbon, Manzanares Rio Park is one of the newest public spaces in the capital, but also where the ancient history of Madrid begins. It’s a side of the city that few visitors get to see, as I discovered when I first moved here and started researching Manzanares River’s history. On this walking tour, I’ll share my findings including tales of meat markets, woolly mammoths and washerwomen!

History with a side of Tapas: A local’s Madrid
A local's Madrid - A self-guided audio tour

Discover the perfect blend of food and history on this captivating self-guided audio tour. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Madrid while indulging in delicious tapas and drinks along the way. Explore the historic district, tracing its origins back to the 1700s, and journey to the oldest quarter of Madrid, all while enjoying fascinating historical anecdotes.

Throughout the tour, you’ll encounter three traditional tapas restaurants with a long-standing history, serving delectable dishes like croquettes, Spanish ham, chorizo, Manchego cheese, Spanish omelette, gazpacho, and paella. Complement your culinary adventure with a selection of wine, beer, traditional Sangria, and Castilian after-dinner shots. This tour is a true delight for food enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Let’s Tapear! A Guide to Madrid’s Tapas Spots
Let's Tapear - The Madrid Tapas Route Walking Audio Tour

Embark on an alluring walking tour that unveils the captivating world of Spanish cuisine beyond the familiar ‘tapas.’ While tapas may be the most well-known aspect, our journey will reveal the rich diversity and flavors that span this gastronomic wonderland. Uncover the art of tapear, a delightful and immersive way of dining on tapas, celebrated for its cultural significance and culinary delights. Prepare to be enchanted as we explore the depths of Spanish cuisine, indulging in a symphony of flavors and savoring every moment of this gastronomic adventure.

Audio Tours in Catalonia

Audio walking tour guides in Spain
Audio Tours in Barcelona
A Culinary Tour of El Born
A Culinary Audio Tour of El Born

El Born is one of the most charming districts of Barcelona and one filled with delicious things to eat! This tour takes you through the picturesque often medieval streets stopping you at some of the best food shops, bars, and restaurants and sharing the stories behind local ingredients and dishes.

Barcelona Walking Tour: El Raval and the Gothic Quarter’s Landmarks and Legends
Barcelona City - El Raval and Gothic Quarter Audio Tour

Barcelona is a captivating city that attracts visitors time and again. You too will be destined to return, or so the legend goes, once you’ve drunk fountain-water from Font de Canaletes or rubbed the crown jewels on Fernando Botero’s fat feline statue, El Gato de Botero. On this walking tour around the city, learn about its lesser-known stories as well as some of its myths, legends and folklore.

Barcelona Walking Tour: Landmarks and Legends of El Born and Ciutadella Park

Landmarks and Legends of El Born: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park has more to it than meets the eye. Its epic history of wars, destruction, politics, art, and expos have shaped it, and in doing so, changed the face of Barcelona forever. On this walking tour, we’ll do more than simply stroll through the celebrated park, we’ll venture into the medieval streets of El Born, once a seaside suburb and thriving industrial area where many became wealthy.

Audio Tours in Olot – Montsacopa: A Volcano in the Centre of the City
Montsacopa: An audio tour in the Volcano in the Centre of the City

Embark on a fascinating journey through the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone National Park, situated at the heart of the Catalan city of Olot. This captivating walk offers an extraordinary opportunity to step into the crater of a volcano and feel the texture of volcanic rocks beneath your fingertips. As we traverse the picturesque landscape, I’ll reveal the intriguing secrets of Volcà del Montsacopa, adding an extra layer of wonder to our adventure.

Prepare to be astonished by the astonishing geological wonders that surround you, as the wider region boasts an astounding collection of 40 volcanoes and over 20 lava flows. Let the ancient stories of these volcanic formations captivate your imagination as we delve deeper into the unique history and natural marvels that shape this extraordinary terrain. This immersive experience promises to be an unforgettable exploration of nature’s raw power and breathtaking beauty.

Sitges Walking Tour: From a Roman Village to a Resort Town
Sitges - Self-Guided Audio Tour

Nestled along the scenic coast, Sitges is a town where its maritime heritage has always played a pivotal role. While the stunning beaches have been cherished since the days of the Romans, who sought respite here, this historical gem holds a treasure trove of captivating stories beyond the sandy shores.

Embark on a captivating walking tour that unravels Sitges’ centuries-old history, commencing at the picturesque boardwalk. Here, I’ll guide you through the profound influence of the ocean on every aspect of the town, spanning from the echoes of ancient wars to the rise of tourism that followed. Delve into the intriguing tales of the visionary individuals who erected the grand old mansions lining the seafront, and learn about the fortunes they amassed.

This immersive journey promises to be a captivating exploration of a town that has been profoundly shaped by its coastal connections and historical significance.

Tarragona Walking Tour: A Guide to Tarraco, Rome’s Other Capital
Tarragona Voicemap Audio Guide

Read more and get this tour at Get Your Guide

Travel back 2,200 years in history to when Tarragona was Tarraco, one of Rome’s most important colonies and an ancient holiday destination – much like it is to this day. Over the years, the Romans, Moors, and Medieval Christians influenced the city and on this walking tour, you can find out where they left their mark in Tarragona’s Old Town. You’ll also discover some of the numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites they left behind, and learn about some of the events that shaped them.

The Basque region

Sampling San Sebastián: Bite into this Basque City’s History and Culture

The Basque region‘s joie de vivre has been an enduring source of envy among Europeans for hundreds of years. Discover why on this San Sebastián walking tour, where we‘ll trace the city‘s origins as a haven for sailors, whales, and cider, to its reign as a royal beach resort and the continent‘s fine dining capital.

Sampling San Sebastián: Bite into this Basque City's History and Culture

We‘ll be kicking off this celebration of San Sebastián near the famous Zurriola Playa beach, next to the Kursaal Auditorium. From there, we‘ll wind our way through the ancient city to finish up our tour in the heart of the cobblestoned Old Town at Konstituzio Plaza (Constitution Square).

Read more and buy the audio guide here at Get Your Guide
Read more and buy the audio guide here at Viator

With many stops at local landmarks including the Basilica de Santa Maria del Coro, the Victoria Eugenia Antzokia (a theatre), and San Sebastián City Hall, you‘ll gain a historical, political, and cultural perspective on this town. This tour isn‘t all facts though. Along the way, I‘ll make a handful of recommendations for some must-eat pintxos, AKA Basque tapas, in the city famed for its abundance of good eats, good times, and the good life!

Audio Tours in Palma (Mallorca)

The Secrets of Palma’s Medieval Jewish Quarter
Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Whether it’s your first time exploring Palma’s old town or you’re familiar with its enchanting maze of medieval streets, this walking tour promises a plethora of discoveries awaiting you. The history of Mallorca’s Converso and Chueta (Xueta) communities has been the focus of my study since arriving here in 2014, revealing a treasure trove of secrets and hidden surprises.

Curious about the meanings behind the intriguing terms Converso and Chueta? Join this guided walk through the area to find out. As we navigate the labyrinthine streets, the stories of the past come to life, weaving a rich tapestry of history that has shaped this unique and culturally diverse destination.

This captivating tour unveils the fascinating tales and untold mysteries of Palma’s old town, enchanting you with its charm and depth. Delve into the intricate narratives of the Converso and Chueta communities, gaining a profound appreciation for the rich heritage and cultural significance that adorns the streets of Palma’s historic center.

Palma’s Alternative History Tour
Palma - Alternative History Self-Guided Audio Walking Tour

Palma, a city adorned with ancient history and alive with modern culture, invites you on a captivating walk through its storied streets. As a longtime resident, I’ll be your guide to unravel the fascinating stories and anecdotes hidden within its embrace.

Our journey commences in the majestic Parc de la Mar, where we’ll trace the path of history, venturing through the remnants of the ancient Talayotic culture and the echoes of the Spanish Inquisition. We’ll immerse ourselves in the elegance of old Palma, strolling through its charming alleys, and eventually culminate our walk in the vibrant Placa de Cort.

Throughout our exploration, we’ll delve into the city’s rich heritage, exploring its grand churches, vibrant bars, and enchanting courtyards. Each step will unveil a unique facet of Palma’s past and present, seamlessly blending the ancient and the contemporary to create an alluring tapestry of culture and history.

Audio Tours in Segovia

The City on the Rock: Segovia from the Aqueduct to the Alcazar
Audio walking tour guides in Spain

Segovia is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Spain thanks to its rich history, art, monuments, traditions. On this walking tour, we’ll trace the history of this city built on a rock, from its earliest days as a Celtiberian settlement.

We’ll begin in front of the famous, 2,000-year-old aqueduct ingeniously built by the Romans to bring water from the mountains. We’ll follow the city’s main road, Calle Real, as we walk through the arched gates of the city wall into Medieval times.

Audio Tours in Valencia

Between Two Gates: A Valencia Walking Tour from Torres de Serranos to de Quart
Audio walking tour guides in Spain

The history of Valencia is a story about the relationship between a city and its river. Its first Roman settlement was built on an island in the Turia River in 138 BC.

The settlement grew, influenced by the river until 1957 when, after a catastrophic flood, it was decided that the torrent should be diverted.

On this walking tour, you’ll wade through 2,000 years of history that developed alongside the river.

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