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Voicemap GPS audio tours in Spain

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Voicemap GPS audio tours in Spain

Audio Tours in Ronda

Ronda, Andalucia’s ‘city of dreams’: A walking tour: Creating the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda from the content here at Ronda Today has been a real pleasure. I hope that you enjoy walking the tour as much I did making it!

Audio Tours in Granada

Enchanting Granada: a walking tour of the historical centre and lower Albaicín. Many visitors to Granada head straight to the awe-inspiring Alhambra, the fortified palace complex that rises above the skyline. But this vibrant and historic city has so much more to offer! Wandering through its cobbled squares, alleyways and viewpoints is the perfect way to soak up its rich 1,000-year history. On this walking tour, I’ll show you the beautiful fusion of Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque architecture that you’ll find all around you in Granada’s historical centre.

Audio Tours in Seville

Essential Seville Walking Tour: Don’t have time to go on a tour? Do you prefer discovering things on your own? We have the perfect solution for you! With our audio tours, you can find the essential information of the lovely Seville, while feeling immersed in the stories that we narrate.

Audio Tours in Menorca

Historic Walk through Old Ciutadella: Join me on this tour of the lesser known parts of Ciutadella. I’ll lead you through narrow streets, past ancient churches and palaces, and along the vibrant marina. Here it seems as if time has stopped. See the old parts of Ciutadella through the eyes of a local and understand what makes this beautiful part of Menorca so special.

Audio Tours in Barcelona

A Culinary Tour of El Born: El Born is one of the most charming districts of Barcelona and one filled with delicious things to eat! This tour takes you through the picturesque often medieval streets stopping you at some of the best food shops, bars, and restaurants and sharing the stories behind local ingredients and dishes.

Barcelona from a local’s point of view: This route will help you discover a bit of Barcelona from a local’s point of view. You will be taken away from the routes every tourist knows, and you’ll find places where there are no tourist traps. And best of all, I’ll tell you where to find the best place to eat tapas.

Audio Tours in Madrid

Multicultural Madrid Walking Tour: from Plaza Mayor to Lavapiés: Starting in Plaza Mayor, I’ll guide you around some of my favourite parts of the city. I’ll show you one of the oldest restaurants in the world, El Botín, the Church of San Isidro where I’ll share the story of the city’s patron saint and the Mercado de San Fernando. The tour ends in front of Monumento a los Abogados de Atocha in the Lavapiés neighbourhood. Along the way, I’ll tell you about the city’s origins, about the walled-city of Madrid and the gate that used to be in the Plaza Puerta Cerrada.

History with a side of Tapas: A local’s Madrid: If you like food and history, join me and I’ll show you some of my favorite Madrid Tapas Bars where I will recommend what Tapas to order and how, alongside a fun dynamic history of Madrid.

Let’s Tapear! A Guide to Madrid’s Tapas Spots: To most visitors, Spanish cuisine and the word ‘tapas’ are synonymous. Described as “the only way to eat without noticing”, tapas is often misunderstood. On this walking tour, I’ll show you that there’s more to Spanish cuisine than just tapas. I’ll also introduce you to tapear, the art of dining on tapas, in all its glory.

Audio Tours in Olot (Catalonia)

Montsacopa: A Volcano in the Centre of the City: Do you want to walk in the crater of a volcano? Do you want to touch volcanic rocks? You can if you join me on this walk through La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone National Park, in the centre of the Catalan city of Olot. I’ll let you in on Volcà del Montsacopa’s secrets along the way. Did you know that the wider region has 40 volcanoes and more than 20 lava flows?

Audio Tours in Palma

The Secrets of Palma’s Medieval Jewish Quarter: Whether this is your first time in Palma’s old town or you’re familiar with its maze of medieval streets, there’s plenty to discover on this walking tour. I’ve been studying the history of Mallorca’s Converso and Chueta (Xueta) communities since I arrived here in 2014 and I have so many secrets and hidden surprises to share. What do the words Converso and Chueta mean, for a start? Join me for a guided walk through this area to find out.

Palma’s Alternative History Tour: Palma is a city bursting with ancient history and bustling with modern culture. Take a walk with me, a longtime resident, to find out what stories and anecdotes its streets have to tell. Starting in the majestic Parc de la Mar, we’ll trace the path of history from the ancient Talayotic culture through the Spanish Inquisition and the elegance of old Palma to end our walk in the vibrant Placa de Cort. Along the way, we’ll explore the city’s churches, bars and gorgeous courtyards.

Audio Tours in Segovia

The City on the Rock: Segovia from the Aqueduct to the Alcazar: Segovia is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Spain thanks to its rich history, art, monuments, traditions. On this walking tour, we’ll trace the history of this city built on a rock, from its earliest days as a Celtiberian settlement. We’ll begin in front of the famous, 2,000-year-old aqueduct ingeniously built by the Romans to bring water from the mountains. We’ll follow the city’s main road, Calle Real, as we walk through the arched gates of the city wall into Medieval times. Along the way, I’ll point out famous buildings, lesser known sites and architectural gems like the city’s famous Sgraffito designs.

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