Ronda, the city of dreams in Andalucia


Welcome to Ronda the “city of dreams” in Andalucia! One of Spain’s most visited white towns of Andalucia. Ronda is very compact and easy to navigate whilst walking the cobbled streets  visiting the Real Maestranza bullring, the Puente Nuevo or El Tajo gorge There are many beautiful churches, museums, and wonderful coffee shops and tapas bars.

Thinking of staying in Ronda? Find a hotel

As well as being blessed with some of Spain’s most impressive natural and historic monuments, the accommodation options in Ronda are excellent because many offer views of the Tajo gorge from their windows and balconies plus the stunning views of the mountains surrounding the city.

Four star hotels in Ronda include the Parador, Molino del Arco, Reina Victoria, Montelirio, Maestranza, Acinipo, Don Benito, and Hotel San Gabriel.

Want to learn a bit of Spanish on the way? Read some of the text in this article in the Spanish version here….

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In Ronda for a day trip?

If you’re only in Ronda for one day be sure to read our Michelle Obama tour of Ronda, but if you’re likely to be here for two days or more, then maybe you could enjoy some of our most popular walks including the walk to the Virgen de la Cabeza, or Mr Henderson’s Railway Walk.

The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda

Creating the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda from the content here at Ronda Today has been a real pleasure and I hope that you enjoy walking the tour as much I did making it. VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda.

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Short clip by the Ronda Tourist board showing some popular places in Ronda the “City of Dreams”
Famous people in Ronda.

Join great names like Orson Welles, Earnest Hemingway, Rainer Rilke, James Joyce, Jorge Luis Borges, Madonna, or Jamie Oliver who have enjoyed their time in Ronda.

Why Visit Ronda?

Ronda the “city of dreams” in Andalucia! is a small city perched on a seemingly precarious platform of rock, it was at one time an impregnable fortress only defeated in battle through trickery, and during the reconquest with modern (for the era) rock blasting cannons.

The population of Ronda is around 34,000 so it is big enough to offer all the essential services of a large town but still small enough to retain it’s authentic charm as one of the white villages (pueblos blancos) of andalucia. At a height of 723m in the Ronda mountains, the city has a cooler year round temperature than the coast, making life in Ronda altogether more agreeable than other Andalucían cities.

Ronda is also the perfect base to explore other cities such as Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Antequera, or Malaga.

Guided tours and activities in Ronda

The Serranía de Ronda

Ronda is the biggest city in northern Malaga province, and the closest city to many of the smaller villages in Cadiz province, making Ronda an ideal base for exploring the Serrania.

Within a few kilometres of Ronda are some of the most visited Pueblos Blancos, the famous white villages of Andalucia, Setenil de las Bodegas, Grazalema, Gaucín, Juzcar, Benalauria, Montejaque, Teba, Cortes de la Frontera, Igualeja, the list goes on…

As well, Ronda is close to three natural parks, the Grazalema natural park, Alcornocales natural park, and the Sierra de las Nieves national park. The Serranía is also home to pre-historic cave paintings at Benaojan, Neolithic dolmens at Montecorto, and of course, the Roman city of Acinipo.

The countryside of the Serranía is described as unique, in fact universally important. Many endemic species make their home here, including the pre ice age Pinsapa pine tree, and numerous orchids only found on our mountains.

Ronda Today

Everything you need to know before you visit Ronda “The city of dreams” in Andalucia.

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Guided Tours around Ronda

Guided tours around Ronda - Ronda Today

There are some excellent guided tours around Ronda and the white villages (Pueblos Blancos) of Malaga and Cádiz. Day trips start from from many of the nearby cities such as Seville, Málaga and the Costa del Sol area of Andalucia.

Going it alone? Check out Ronda Todays very own VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda here: Written and recorded by Clive the author of Ronda Today. :)

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Trafalgar and Caños de Meca on the Costa de la Luz

Mention the Battle of Trafalgar and most Europeans will know it as one of the decisive battles of the Napoleonic wars, but few would know precisely where Trafalgar is, and why sunseeking beach lovers should pay a visit to the area.

As part of the Costa de la Luz, with golden sandy beaches stretching from Tarifa to San Fernando on the outskirts of Cadiz, Trafalgar Beach could be expected to be a tourist mecca on the Atlantic Ocean. In fact the area is relatively undeveloped with a hippyish feel to it. Even nearby towns like Barbate, Vejer de la Frontera, and Conil de la Frontera are quiet tranquil places out of high summer season and holidays.

If you are looking for a hotel in the city of Cádiz so that you can explore the nearby beaches and attractions of the Costa de la Luz then check out Ronda Todays sister website Visiting Cádiz. Its packed with information to help you get the most out of a visit to the area:

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A day trip to Jerez de la Frontera from Ronda

If you’re looking to explore the stunning region of Andalusia, then a day trip from Ronda to Jerez de la Frontera should definitely be on your list. Located just an hour and a half away by car, Jerez is a charming city that is steeped in history and culture, with a rich legacy of sherry wine and flamenco dance.

With its beautiful architecture, bustling plazas, and fascinating museums, Jerez offers a unique and authentic Andalusian experience that is not to be missed. So why not hop in your car (Jerez is just 1:30 hours away from Ronda) and set out on a day trip to Jerez de la Frontera for a taste of the best of Andalusia?

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Cancellation of Goyesca Bullfight and Pedro Romero Festival Events in Ronda 2024

The prestigious Goyesca bullfight and other events in the Ronda bullring, traditionally held during the Pedro Romero Festival, have been cancelled for 2024 due to necessary structural interventions in the historic Plaza de Toros. The decision was made following detailed technical evaluations highlighting safety concerns that arose after a particularly challenging weather year.

The Goyesca Bullfight

The Goyesca bullfight, a highlight of Ronda’s cultural calendar, is famous for its unique presentation and historical significance. Established by Antonio Ordóñez in 1954, the event is celebrated in the 18th-century Plaza de Toros, where participants dress in period costumes inspired by the painter Francisco de Goya. This bullfight draws enthusiasts from around the world, eager to experience its distinctive blend of tradition and artistry.

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Ronda Romántica celebration 2024

The Ronda Romántica celebration takes place this year during the second weekend of June from the 6th to the 9th. Get ready to step into a world of enchantment! As you stroll through the streets adorned with embroidered shawls and encounter people dressed as peasants, gypsies, bandits, and characters from the Napoleonic War era. Ronda is in the midst of its illustrious Royal May Fair Festival, “Ronda Romántica”.

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