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Spain Cafes – a few translations of Drinks and beverages

In the Spanish countryside you will find local restaurants (such as Venta el Tropezon in Montecorto) with a café and a restaurant area. Usually you have drinks, breakfasts or tapas in the caféteria area and lunch or dinner in the restaurant area. These are some of the drink and beverage items you will find at a café in Spain. Spain Cafes – a few translations of drinks beverages.

Some examples and translations of tapas and main meals are described here.

A few translations of drinks and beverages

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Ventas in Spain – El Tropezon in the village of Montecorto

Ventas in Spain

A “venta” is a road side cafeteria, bar and restaurant and you should look out for them on the larger country roads between towns and villages. Visiting a venta in Spain is an excellent way to see and sample the local, traditional gastronomy and way of life in Spain. These Ventas in Spain almost always have a friendly, family atmosphere and some even have hostel or hotel type accomodation.

The simplest ventas consist of a bar and tables in one room. The larger ones have a separate dining room away from the noise of the bar and perhaps an outdoor terrace. Often on display is a selection of local produce and crafts to admire and, of course, to buy.

Non smoking laws are enforced in Spain in public areas. Smoking is not allowed inside and the owner of the establishment will be fined if people are caught breaking this law.

An excellent example of a traditional venta (in Andalucia) is “Venta El Tropezon“. Situated on the main road between Ronda and Arcos de la Frontera, at the junction to a village named Montecorto. The word “tropezon” describes a nice, unexpected surprise. For example, if you trip over but on the floor you find a coin or something else valuable.

You can follow the facebook page of El Tropezon here.

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El chef Jamie Oliver ofrece su versión de la receta de gazpacho

Want to practise your Spanish reading skills? Here is the Jamie Oliver “gazpacho” article. You can read the original article in English here.

Los orígenes del gazpacho son un misterio, y como en la mayoría de los casos nunca ha sido documentado y la poca información que existe está llena de imprecisiones, sin embargo casi todos coinciden en que los andaluces pre-romanos elaboraban algo parecido al gazpacho en tiempos fenicios y cartagineses, aunque el hecho es un poco confuso sobre si fueron italianos pre-romanos que vivían en la península. El hecho es que es bastante común en las culturas del mediterráneo, encontrar recetas de comidas frías en las que se utilizaba pan duro, vinagre, aceite de oliva, ajo y agua. El concepto aparece incluso en el viejo testamento, en el libro de Ruth 2.14 “Ven aquí y come del pan y moja tu trozo en el vinagre”. Continue reading El chef Jamie Oliver ofrece su versión de la receta de gazpacho

Traditional Spanish Gazpacho Andaluz Recipe

Gazpacho Andaluz

The origins of gazpacho andaluz are mysterious, and like most things from our past have never been truly documented. What writing does exist is filled with inaccuracies, but the  general consensus is that the pre-Roman Andalucians (Ibericelts) were making something akin to Gazpacho in Phoenician (and Carthiginian) times. Although, to really confuse matters so were pre-Roman Italian peninsula peoples.

In fact, a cold meal of stale bread, vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and water is common in the bread eating cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, the concept is even alluded to in the Old Testament book of Ruth (2.14) “’Come thou hither, and eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar.”

To confuse matters even more, the tomato plant is from South America and didn’t get to Europe until after the Spanish Conquest of the Americas from 1492 onwards… Ummm… anyway, less about that and more about the recipe :)

If you would like to practice your Spanish reading skills then you can see this article translated here…

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