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Images of Ronda in Spain

Though one of the most visited cities in Andalucia, Ronda still has a few undiscovered nooks and crannies. :) Apart from all the obvious views and buildings in this selection of images of Ronda in Spain, there is so much more to see, smell and taste. Here are a few Images of Ronda in Spain

If you see a narrow street leading to who knows where?

Follow it!

You may be surprised at that tiny tapas bar hidden around the corner that doesn’t appear on those big online review websites.

(Yes, you know who I am talking about!)

Use your imagination :)

Claudia Valle – Tour guide in Ronda

If you have never been to Ronda before then the information here at Ronda Today will, of course, be very usefull. Or, I hope so anyway! :) That said, If you are planning a visit to this “City of Deams” Then you should really consider using the services of Claudia Valle – Tour guide in Ronda

Why? Because she lives and works here, She knows all the little nooks and crannies and corners that you may never find. :) The best tapas bars, best times to visit museums, history and legends and much, much more.

Claudia Valle is a professional tour guide, speaks excellent English and is the perfect choice for a guided visit to Ronda.

S0, If you want to see Ronda through the eyes of a local guide, this is your opportunity. Learn about Ronda, its history and culture and also have a lot of fun

Tours last approximately 2 hours and cost around 12 Euros per person you can see and know the most important and picturesque corners of the dream city. (Sometimes the tour will be in Spanish and English if the group is mixed.) Great for your language skills!

Or you can talk to Claudia about an exclusive tour of Ronda for you and your friends or family

You can contact Claudia by email:

Or telephone:
+34 691 08 01 80

If you use facebook then this is her page for further information:

Claudia Valle. Tour guide in Ronda, Spain

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Plaza de Toros – Ronda

This is the translated version of the article about the plaza de Toro (Bull Ring) in Ronda. Read the original English version here…

La Plaza de Toros de Ronda ocupa un lugar muy especial como parte de la cultura y la historia de la España actual, ya que es el hogar del estilo de toreo rondeño así como de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda. La plaza fue construída completamente en piedra en el s. XVIII, durante los años dorados del reinado de Pedro Romero como figura cumbre del toreo. Continue reading Plaza de Toros – Ronda

Desfiladero del Tajo – Ronda

This is the Spanish translation of the puente nuevo and tajo gorge article. Read the original article in English here…

Ronda es una de las pocas ciudades del mundo que tiene un profundo desfiladero que atraviesa el corazón de la ciudad, y aún es más afortunada al tener el Puente Nuevo sobre él. El desfiladero también servía como una fantástica defensa de aquellos enemigos que se atrevían a atacar Ronda. Conocido como “el Tajo”, el desfiladero fue creado por la constante erosión del río Guadalevín que nace en la Sierra de las Nieves. Continue reading Desfiladero del Tajo – Ronda