Where to park in Ronda Spain

Where to Park in Ronda Spain

Where to park in Ronda Spain? Well, Ronda can sometimes be a difficult little city to drive around and finding any free parking is becoming increasingly difficult!

From this article you can find car parks in Ronda and easily reserve a place online in advance. I have also mentioned a few hotels that have parking facilities for their guests as well.

IMPORTANT: If you’ are driving a large motor home or towing a caravan don’t even think about entering the city centre! Instead park in one of the outlying streets and then walk into the centre. (See camper vans section below if you are staying for the night or more.)

The parador hotel in Ronda has its own secure parking
The parador in Ronda - About Ronda Today
The very popular Ronda Parador has its own on site parking and is situated right next to the main monuments to visit.

Why not stay at the parador hotel and take the hassle out of parking? Check out dates and prices over at booking.com

Book your parking on line in advance
Parking APK2 Plaza del Socorro
Book now

If you are looking for a parking space in the center of Ronda, the APK2 Plaza del Socorro parking lot is ideal. Located very close to the main tourist attractions of the city, such as the Plaza de Toros de Real Maestranza, Puente Nuevo and Mirador, from here you can stroll through the old town and find the most popular restaurants and hotels.

Book your parking space in Plaza de Socorro Ronda now

Martínez Astein car park in Ronda

If you are daytripping to Ronda then the car park of Martínez Astein is easy to find and its just a ten minute stroll down the pedestrian shopping street (Calle Espinal or “La Bola”) of Ronda to all the main monuments. No navigating narrow streets!

Click here to reserve a spot in the Martínez Astein car park in Ronda

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Visiting Ronda? Check out our audio guided tour!

If you are in Ronda for just one day or staying a night or two, the Ronda Today audio guide is perfect for discovering the “city of dreams”.

Hotel parking

Most hotels have their own parking and if not at the very least a temporary parking bay so that you can unload any luggage and the staff will then direct you to the nearest parking. Ask your hotel for information and directions about parking during your stay.

Check out hotels with parking over at booking.com here.

Or see reviews of hotels with car parking in Ronda over at TripAdvisor.

Beware narrow streets!

Streets in Ronda are quite narrow, most are one way, and in the older part of town corners and bends can be quite tortuous, of course this is one of the “City of Dreams” main attractions but can be a nightmare when driving a hire car.

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The city, is however, blessed with being small and almost everything is within walking distance of the outskirts of town. La Ciudad, the old Moorish town of Ronda, is becoming a car free zone in many places and what parking there is will often be taken by residents.

Unless you’re in a rush our advice is to park outside the centre, the walk is only a few minutes, and regardless of which direction you’ve come from the best parking is always free, and is almost all in the commercial area between the centre and the poligono industrial. (industrial estate.) Look for signs directing you to “Poligono El Fuerte

Where to Park in Ronda Spain with a camper van?

There is a very good motor home parking area on the outskirts of Ronda but still within walking distance to the main sights of Ronda. (If you don’t want to leave your home on the side of the road.)

Website in English here.

Area autocaravanas Ronda
Área Auto Caravanas Ronda is on an unbeatable location, only 1km away of the old town 
Access is easy for any type of vehicle, from the road A-369. 
Free and paid parking spaces in Ronda explained.

Parking spaces either with white painted  white lines are usually  free parking.

Parking spaces  with blue lines usually means it is paid parking with a time limit. Look for or ask someone where the meter is.

Parking spaces with a yellow zig zag line means that there is some kind of restriction to parking there. It could be;

  •  A hotel entrance with a 15 minute limit for checking in.
  • A taxi parking area.
  • A short term parking  area In front of a chemists shop.
  • A short term parking area in front of a supermarket.

Look for the sign to explain what the restrictions are or ask someone passing by if you can park safely. Remember that this type of parking could be a free or paid for area. If you don’t follow the rules you WILL be towed away!

Parking Restrictions Where NOT to park in Ronda Spain

Where NOT to park in Ronda Spain? In some places you may see a free space with a yellow line around it, this is most likely a commercial dropping point or private park and your vehicle will be towed away! Similarly, never park in front of a garage entrance that has a yellow line painted on the road surface and a no parking sign attached to the door. Vehicles that are illegally parked in Ronda are being towed with more frequency than they ever used to be. The fee for retrieving your car ranges from 70€ to 150€.

My favorite place to park in Ronda is the train station. Just follow the road signs marked “RENFE”. It’s then just 10 minutes walk down the main pedestrian shopping street to the main monuments of Ronda

Where to park in Ronda Spain? List of commercial car parks

Reserve online here: Parking Plaza del Socorro
Plaza del Socorro: 280 places:
Open 24 hours

Parking Martínez Astein
Avda Martinez Astein. Entradas por Avenida de Málaga y Calle Córdoba: 400 places: Open 24 hours. Click here to reserve a spot in the Martínez Astein car park in Ronda

Parking Antiguo Asilo
Calle Paseo Poeta Rilke: 180 plazas: Open 24 hours

Parking Multicines
Calle Lauría, 57: 106 places Open: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 to 22:00. Sundays and Fiesta days: 10:00 to 22:00 horas

Parking El Castillo
Plaza Duquesa de Parcent: 194 places: Open 24 hours

Parking Renfe (Train Station)
Avda Andalucía Capacidad: 100 Places: 7:00 a 23:00

Parking La Merced
Calle Carlos Cobo: 100 places: Open 7:30 to 23:30

Parking El Fuerte
Calle Guadalquivir: 230 places Open: 24 horas

Parking Victoria
Avda Victoria: 105 places Open: 8:00 to 22:00

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    The suggestion to inquire about parking options at our hotel was also highly appreciated. Its true that most hotels in Ronda have their own parking facilities or temporary parking bays, which allowed us to conveniently unload our luggage before being directed to the nearest parking area. The staff’s guidance made the transition from the road to our accommodation seamless and stress-free.

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  6. A Helpful Guide to Parking in Ronda.

    As a traveler who recently visited Ronda, Spain, I cannot stress enough how invaluable the information provided in the guide to parking in this charming city was. The article offered practical advice that made our experience navigating Ronda’s streets and finding parking hassle-free.

    One of the standout tips was to avoid entering the city center with large vehicles such as motorhomes or caravans. This was a crucial piece of advice that saved us from the stress of maneuvering through narrow streets and congested areas. Instead, we followed the recommendation to park in the outlying streets and walk into the center. It was just a short stroll, and we were able to enjoy the scenic walk while avoiding any driving-related troubles.

    Furthermore, the article enlightened us about the city’s parking regulations and the significance of understanding parking space markings. Knowing that white-painted lines indicated free parking, while blue lines denoted paid parking with time limits, helped us make informed decisions while searching for suitable parking spots. Additionally, the explanation of yellow zigzag lines and the potential restrictions associated with them prevented us from parking in areas where our vehicle might have been towed away.

    Overall, I found this guide to parking in Ronda to be an invaluable resource. It not only saved us time and unnecessary headaches but also allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of the city without worrying about parking-related issues. I highly recommend anyone planning a visit to Ronda to read this guide and follow its advice for a smooth and stress-free parking experience.

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