The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda

The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda

So, I was asked to create the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda.

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Listening to me along the way (and also some captivating guitar music from the amazing Paco Seco), you’ll pass breathtaking lookout points including the Mirador de Ronda and the Mirador de Aldehuela.

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Viator: Andalucia’s City Of Dreams: A Self-Guided Audio Tour in Ronda

Get Your Guide: Be captivated by Ronda’s beautiful gardens and medieval walls with an audio guide walking tour on your phone. Cross the Puente Nuevo and stroll through the Alameda de Tajo as you learn about the city.

Most of the places in this clip are on the Ronda Today Audio guide
Discover Ronda at your own pace
  • No queues or following big groups of people.
  • With turn by turn directions you can’t get lost or miss any of the important sights.
  • Start and stop whenever you want.
  • GPS locations. Audio starts automatically as you approach interesting places and monuments.
  • The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda is also ideal if you have limited time in Ronda but want to see as much as possible.

As we leave the new town behind us and enter the old, past the Mondragón Palace and museum we’ll visit Ronda’s former defensive border at the Puerta de Almocábar, and quake in the boots of history’s soldiers as you imagine approaching armies.

From there we’ll follow the old walls to the Arab Baths and the Puente Viejo bridge, before making our way back over Puente Nuevo. The tour ends in front of the Plaza de Toros, the Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda.

I’ll also provide answers to some intriguing questions like:
  • What did Blas infante, the father of Spanish nationalism, do in Ronda?
  • Who are the Goyesca ladies?
  • Why is one particular Italian priest famous around here?
  • Who built the Puente Nuevo?
  • Did Queen Isabella really visit Ronda?
  • When did the Christian conquerors arrive?
  • How important is bullfighting in Andalucia?

Creating the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda from the content here at Ronda Today has been a real pleasure and I hope that you enjoy walking the tour as much I did making it.

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11 thoughts on “The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda”

  1. Hi Sam, thanks for the kind comments and I am so glad that you enjoyed the tour with your family! I hope the repair work at the Parador will be finished soon but as you mention its not difficult to pause the tour and walk the two minutes around to the other side and continue at the next location by the Puente Nuevo museum entrance. Happy travelling!

  2. Bought the tour at the Get Your Guide link in this article and what a fantastic way to discover Ronda! Great information and history. (Even the kids 12 and 14 enjoyed it.) I was a bit uncertain when I read some of the reviews on Get Your Guide saying that the app and guide didn’t work well because some of the route was closed but we had no issues at all and the tour worked perfectly fine from start to finish. Apparently, there was a storm a few weeks ago that created damage and there was some repair work going on in the area of the parador but all we had to do was pause the tour and make our way to the next location then restart the tour. (It’s in the tour instructions which means that the audio guide creators are updating when needed.) All in all highly entertaining and recommended!

  3. (Thanks Karen from get Your Guide!) Would highly recommend this audio walking tour, there is no way I’d have visited all of the spots. You can go at your own pace, stop along the way and enjoy the background music. Great commentary, historically and cultural info. Loved the facts about the 2 bridges and the bull ring. I started the tour at 5pm, I think any earlier would have been tough as it was very hot – the last 30 minutes is quite a climb but well worth it. Rhonda is a beautiful town with amazing history, culture and ambience. Fab little tapas bars. Well worth the drive (if you’re staying on the coast). I happened to arrive on the day of a music festival and enjoyed their warm up overlooking the mountains – stunning. I’d love to return.

  4. As a lover of art and culture, the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda exceeded my expectations. The tour seamlessly blended historical information with captivating anecdotes. I found myself immersed in the ambiance of the old town, walking past the Puerta de Almocábar and imagining the past. The tour provided valuable insights into Ronda’s rich heritage, including the influence of Blas Infante and the significance of bullfighting. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a cultural journey through Ronda!

  5. Our family had an amazing time exploring Ronda with the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide. It was a fantastic way to keep the kids engaged while uncovering the town’s history. The tour was well-designed, ensuring we didn’t miss any important sights.

    From the Arab Baths to the Plaza de Toros, each location had intriguing stories and facts. The children were fascinated by the tales of the Goyesca ladies and the Italian priest. We all learned so much and had a memorable family adventure!

    The Johnsons from USA!

  6. Wow! The VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda was an incredible experience. With clear directions and automatic audio playback, I felt like I had my own personal tour guide. The tour took me through the old town, showcasing fascinating landmarks like the Mondragón Palace and the Puente Nuevo bridge. It’s the perfect way to explore Ronda at your own pace. Highly recommended!

  7. Exploring Ronda with the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide was an absolute delight! As someone who prefers to explore at my own pace, this tour was perfect for me. The convenience of having turn-by-turn directions ensured that I didn’t miss any of the important sights, and the automatic audio playback as I approached each location added an immersive touch to the experience.

    The tour started in the gardens of the Alameda with an introduction to the rich history of Ronda. Walking past the Mondragón Palace and museum, I couldn’t help but feel transported back in time. The highlight for me was reaching the Puerta de Almocábar, where I could almost imagine the tension and fear that soldiers must have felt while guarding the city’s defensive border. It was a powerful moment that truly brought history to life.

    Following the old walls, I discovered hidden gems like the Arab Baths, which were a fascinating testament to Ronda’s past. The Puente Viejo bridge, with its stunning views, was a definite highlight. Crossing it and returning over the Puente Nuevo provided breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscape. The engineering marvel of Puente Nuevo left me in awe, and I appreciated learning about its construction and historical significance.

    The tour concluded in front of the Plaza de Toros, the Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda. It was intriguing to delve into the importance of bullfighting in Andalucía and uncover the stories behind figures like Blas Infante and the Goyesca ladies. The tour even answered questions I didn’t know I had, such as the role of a famous Italian priest in the town.

    I must commend the creator of this audio guide for their thorough research and passion. The information provided was engaging and informative, and it truly enhanced my understanding and appreciation of Ronda’s culture and heritage. The voice narration was clear and pleasant, guiding me seamlessly through the town.

    Overall, I highly recommend the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda. It allowed me to explore at my own pace, avoid queues, and truly immerse myself in the history and charm of this remarkable town. Whether you have limited time or simply want to make the most of your visit, this tour is a must-do. I’m grateful for the experience and will cherish the memories I made in Ronda.


  8. I was short on time but eager to experience Ronda. This well-crafted tour allowed me to make the most of my limited visit. With precise directions and automatic audio playback, I efficiently explored the highlights of Ronda’s old town. The tour’s insightful narration answered questions about Queen Isabella’s visit, the Christian conquerors, and more. If you’re pressed for time but want a comprehensive Ronda experience, this tour is the perfect solution.

  9. Exploring Ronda with the VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide was a treat for the senses. The tour not only revealed the town’s historical gems but also highlighted its stunning natural beauty. Walking over the Puente Viejo bridge, I was greeted by breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The tour seamlessly integrated nature and history, showcasing the importance of Ronda’s geographical location. If you appreciate both culture and nature, this tour is a must-do!

  10. I’ve lived in the Ronda area for 14 years and know the City of Dreams like the back of my hand, so I wasn’t expecting too much from this audio guide. How wrong could I be?
    Although I was familiar with every location included on this tour, I learned loads that I didn’t know from this very thoroughly researched guide by Clive Muir, of the website Ronda Today. In particular, the historical aspects.
    Clive’s voice is easy on the ear and the accompanying music by local professional guitarist Paco Seco made for a very pleasant couple of hours.
    We broke our journey in the Barrio San Francisco, where we had an excellent breakfast at Bar Sánchez by the Almocabar Gate.
    I was accompanied on the tour by friends Brenda and Jeremy White, who own property locally and have been coming to the Serrania de Ronda regularly for over 20 years. Like me, they thought they knew all there was to know. They were also wrong.
    At the end of the tour, we gratefully sank a refreshing beer in Bar El Rincón de la Manzanilla on Calle Virgen de Los Remedios and discussed the audio tour we had just taken.
    “I enjoyed the tour very much,” said Brenda, “although I felt some of the historical information was a bit long-winded.”
    “I disagree entirely,” responded Jeremy. “I found the history sections fascinating and I learned a lot.”
    We all agreed that we had spent a delightful morning and had enjoyed the whole experience immensely. Strangers to Ronda would find this audio guide fascinating, as well as informative, we felt.

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