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Discussion Group Ronda looking for new members

Another fantastic initiative in Ronda is now looking for new members and “The objetive is to improve the relation, integration and debate between English and Spanish people”

Discussion group Ronda is a collective which was created a few months ago to improve the interaction using both the Spanish and the English languages whilst enjoying a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Gathering to exchange ideas about different topics and improving the language is the objective for this group, promoted by several people from Ronda and England. Continue reading Discussion Group Ronda looking for new members

Learn Spanish in Ronda with Escuela Entrelenguas.

With 495 million speakers, Spanish ranks as the world’s No. 2 language and the number of people learning this language is increasing rapidly – approximately 18 million students in the world study Spanish as a second language and statistics show that by 2030, 7,5% of the world population will speak Spanish (530 million people).

The Escuela Entrelenguas, located in Ronda, seeks to boost these figures by promoting Spanish language and culture amongst the non-native speakers living in the Serranía and the many students coming from overseas to learn Spanish.  Continue reading Learn Spanish in Ronda with Escuela Entrelenguas.

Ronda Escuela de Idiomas Recently Visited Kingston upon Thames

Teachers and students of Ronda’s Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI) recently visited Kingston upon Thames in London as part of an EU sponsored program that brings together teachers and students of language schools for an interchange of culture and language.

The recent trip to London was led by the director of EOI, Eugenio Bermudez, and the head of English language studies, Piluca Gomez, whilst the students all work with the English language in their daily activities, including teaching in local schools. The group stayed in Kingston, and participated in workshops organised at the North Kingston School which was officiated by the mayor of the royal borough.

The main objective of the trip to Kingston was to participate in English language classes and workshops along with students from other EU nations under the umbrella of the EU Pathfinder language project that encourages groups of students to visit the native country of the language they are learning.

However, there was plenty of time for siteseeing as well, with memorable excursions into London to see the city of Westminster, though the night time cruise on the Thames was considered a highlight. Ronda’s contingent also visited nearby Richmond, the National Trust’s Ham House, and of course, no visit to Kingston would be complete without also posing in front of David Mach’s sculpture ‘Out of Order’.

The only sour note to the trip was a 12 hour wait for ash clouds to disperse and London’s airspace to be reopened.

EOI is the Junta de Andalucía’s official government owned language academy offering heavily subsidised language courses of up to 5 years and diploma level, and are part of a state initiative to improve the language skills of Spaniards in the global economy.

Gemini Courses, Learn English Abroad

A local entrepreneur, Sarah Spencer, who has worked for one of the biggest English language agencies in the UK recently met with Ronda Today for an interview about how she can help Rondeños find English academies in England, Ireland, Canada, the US, in fact any country where English is the native language Sarah can help with.

Sarah moved to Spain two years ago and started learning Spanish, even going to an intensive Spanish class in Granada and staying with a host family who are now good friends so that she could understand what Rondeños feel when they study in English speaking countries.

Sarah’s website provides information for Spanish people who want to study abroad with a beca (grant) from MEC/MEPSYD (Spanish government department of education), and Gemini Courses is already getting ready for 2011 as well and it is never too early to register your place.

Intensive English courses in an English speaking country are very popular with Spaniards who like learning English and believe that they learn better abroad, coining the phrase ‘inglés en el extranjero‘, full immersion in a language is always better than learning with an academy in Spain or from a private professor.

Gemini Courses is well known by English schools in English speaking countries because Sarah knows the directors of the schools and also knows the best course or school for students. She is able to recommend schools that offer general English, intensive courses, IELTS, TOEFL & Cambridge Exam preparation courses, and English for Business.

Aside from recommending schools and courses, Sarah and Gemini Courses also liaise with schools to make sure students from Ronda are placed with the best host families who will help Rondeños feel at home when studying abroad.

We asked Sarah where the most popular destinations are for intensive English courses, and in order of most popular they are Dublin, New York, Cambridge, Malta, and London. In a quick poll of students at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas students confirmed that Ireland and New York are the two places most Rondeños would choose.

All of the schools recommended by Gemini Courses are professional schools that have been teaching English for many years. Students do a placement exam when they first arrive, but this is only to test their knowledge of English and determine which class they go to.

Rondeños planning to study abroad should read the Gemini Courses website for ingles en el extranjero, try to read it in English, but if this is difficult, Sarah’s website has also been translated into Castellano and Sarah will be happy to communicate in English or Spanish with any student.

No hay mejor momento para estudiar inglés en el extranjero

Con toda la situación del sistema económico, estaríamos perdonados por pensar que viajar y estudiar en el extranjero es actualmente imposible. Pero en Gemini Courses pensamos sinceramente que este no es el caso.

Si usted se pregunta cómo mejorar sus perspectivas, ampliar sus horizontes y hacer algo positivo por su futuro,estudiar inglés en el extranjero es una gran respuesta. Con el valor actual de la libra comparada al euro, el coste de vida en Reino Unido nunca ha sido más barato. Así como los cursos de inglés, el viaje, el alojamiento y los costes diarios de la vida. ¡Ahora es el momento perfecto para ir a RU para completar el curso de inglés que usted siempre ha querido hacer!

Además, hoy en día, primero la globalización y luego la crisis candente, han abaratado increíblemente los medios de transporte, lo cual ha facilitado la movilidad en todos los sentidos. Así, el viaje y el turismo en general, han pasado de ser un bien de lujo a ser un bien al alcance de la mano.
Continue reading No hay mejor momento para estudiar inglés en el extranjero

Escuela de Idiomas Christmas Party

Ronda’s Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI) recently held their annual end of year Christmas party. EOI are the largest language institute in Ronda and are a government owned academy teaching English, German, and French.

The staff and students of EOI decided to have a dress up party this year, though there was no theme, only that everyone made an effort to dress up as a character they identified with.

As you can see from our photos participants put in a lot of effort to have fun, the entire evening was definitely a highlight for many with prizes awarded for best dressed student, though sadly A+ pass grades weren’t offered as prizes.

The German class grouped together to sing German Christmas carols in a resounding and solidly teutonic style, with “Kling, Glöckchen, klinelingeling” becoming everyone’s favourite.

Having recently visited Bavaria the German students hosted the evening and provided several German cakes, hot mulled wine, and German biscuits to the other classes.

EOI’s French students weren’t to be outdone arriving as characters from famous French television programs, though two Napolean Bonaparte’s also made their appearance leading to an outcry that the 1812 Spanish War of Independence was about to start all over again.

Characters spotted on the night included Rita Hayworth, Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels, Martin Luther-King, Napolean, MacBeth, Santa Claus, one of Santa’s Elves, Anne Frank, Sarah Ferguson, Groucho Marx, Marline Dietrich, and too many more to keep note of.

A grand evening was had by all, and from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas a very Merry Christmas to all, especially to the students who couldn’t attend the party, you were sorely missed.