Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo

Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo in Ronda

Ronda Town Hall has approved a project to construct a walkway at the bottom of the famous gorge in the town. The renowned architect, Luis Machuca, known for designing Malaga’s Caminito del Rey, is behind this new initiative. The walkway, estimated to cost around 1.3 million euros, will be the second phase of the Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo project. (The first being the refurbishment of the access path down to the base of the Puente Nuevo.)

  • Above image: Artists impression of the future Desfiladero del Tajo walkway in Ronda / Javier Flores (Ronda)

Starting from the base of the Puente Nuevo, the walkway will lead visitors to the vicinity of Ronda’s Arab baths. It will feature controlled access and exit points, allowing visitors to pass beneath the town’s three bridges. Guided tours in small groups will be offered, and an admission fee will be charged.

The comprehensive plan also includes other actions aimed at adding value to the area, improving accessibility, and regulating access. Future initiatives may involve the restoration of mills, uncovering hidden flour mills nestled in the slopes and improving the road that descends to the Hoya del Tajo area.

Once works are completed Ronda Today will publish all the essential information required to enjoy this new addition to Rondas tourism offerings.

Q&A for the Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo in Ronda (to be continued)
  • What is the exact location of the walkway in the gorge?
  • How long is the walkway route and what are the highlights along the way?
  • How much does it cost to visit the walkway, and how can I purchase tickets?
  • Are there any restrictions or age limits for visitors?
  • Is it necessary to book in advance, or can tickets be purchased on-site?
  • What are the opening hours and days of operation?
  • Are there any guided tours available, and if so, what languages are they conducted in?
  • Is there any information available about the history, geology, or significance of the gorge and its surroundings?
  • Are there any specific safety measures or guidelines visitors should be aware of?
  • Can photography be done on the walkway, and are there any restrictions on equipment or accessories?

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