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Spain Cafes – a few translations of Drinks and beverages

In the Spanish countryside you will find local restaurants (such as Venta el Tropezon in Montecorto) with a café and a restaurant area. Usually you have drinks, breakfasts or tapas in the caféteria area and lunch or dinner in the restaurant area. These are some of the drink and beverage items you will find at a café in Spain. Spain Cafes – a few translations of drinks beverages.

Some examples and translations of tapas and main meals are described here.

A few translations of drinks and beverages

Coffee Drinks

Coffee is always freshly ground and filtered. This will be served in a cup and saucer, or in a glass precariously balanced on a saucer. Take care as the glass holds its heat really well, so can be very hot to the touch!

  • Café con leche – coffee with milk, is the most popular; this is half coffee, half hot milk
  • Café solo – small espresso, without milk and very strong
  • Café doble – double espresso, without milk and very strong
  • Café largo – an espresso with extra water passed through the filter, without milk
  • Café carajillo – espresso with anis or brandy
  • Café cortado – espresso coffee with a dash of milk
  • Café descafeinado de maquina – decaffeinated filter coffee
  • Café descafeinado de sobre – a glass of hot milk and a packet of instant decaf. If you want hot water and not milk then you can ask for “café descafeinado de sobre, con agua, no leche”.
  • Café con hielo – a small espresso with a glass of ice. Or ask for your type of coffee (see above) “y un vaso de hielo” (and a glass of ice). Simply add your sugar and then pour over the ice. In the heat of summer an ice coffee can be more refreshing and is very popular.

Each coffee is served with one packet of white sugar, unless you are in a truck stop then it is two. :)

  • Azucar – Bleached white sugar in a 10gr packet is the standard issue.
  • Edulcorante – Artificial sweetener may be available, in either a sachet or click pack container. If you do not see it, ask for it.
  • Azucar Moreno – Brown sugar. Occasionally brown sugar may be available, this is generally only if the café offers specialty coffees.
Tea Drinks
  • Té – tea
  • Té con limon – tea with a slice of lemon
  • Té con un poco de leche fria – tea with a little cold milk
  • Té Solo – tea with nothing added
  • Infusión de tila – lime flower herbal tea
  • Infusión de manzanilla – chamomile herbal tea
  • Infusión de poleo-menta – mint herbal tea
Milk Drinks
  • Chocolate caliente – hot chocolate
  • Batido de fresa – strawberry milkshake
  • Batido de chocolate – chocolate milkshake
  • Batido de vainilla – vanilla milkshake
  • Horchata – tiger nuts, sugar and water (tastes a little like soy milk)
Cold Drinks
  • Agua sin gas – natural spring water
  • Agua con gas – carbonated spring water
  • Zumo de piña – pineapple juice
  • Zumo de naranja – orange juice
  • Zumo de melocoton – peach juice
  • Zumo de manzana – apple juice
  • Fanta naranja – fizzy orange
  • Fanta limon – fizzy lemon
  • Sprite or 7up – lemon pop
  • Casera blanca – sugar free lemonade
  • Tonica – tonic water
  • Coca-cola – Coca-cola
  • Pepsi – Pepsi
  • Ice Tea – Iced Tea
Beer, Wine, Sangria
  • Una cerveza – a beer
  • Una cerveza sin – alcohol free beer
  • Una clara – shandy, half beer half lemonade
  • Un vino blanco – white wine
  • Un vino tinto – red wine
  • Un vino rosa – rose wine
  • Una botella de vino tinto – bottle of red wine
  • Un vaso de vino blanco – glass of white wine
  • Tinto de verano – summer red (half red wine, half lemonade, over ice)
  • Sangria – red wine punch, includes lemonade, brandy, fruit juice and fruit
  • Coñac – Spanish brandy
  • Larios gin – Malaga gin
  • Ron – rum (produced in Spain on the coast east of Malaga)
  • Anis – clear aniseed, usually dry
  • Jerez – sherry
  • Jerez Fino – very dry sherry
  • Jerez Amontillado – medium dry sherry
  • Jerez Oloroso – sweet sherry
  • Malaga dulce – sweet dessert wine from Malaga province

Orujo – clear alcohol with a bite
Orujo de hierbas – sweet, green/yellow, version with a flowery taste
Ponche Caballero – sweet orange brandy liqueur
Pacharan – sloe fruit liqueur, excellent for settling the stomach
Manzana – apple liqueur
Amoretto – sweet almond liqueur
Muira – cherry liqueur

To have a smaller amount, order un chupito (shot glass), This is often the best way if you simply want to taste some of the above, as measures in Spain are at the discretion of the waiter and he is being kind if he fills a large glass to the brim!

Other useful terms
  • Un vaso de agua – a glass of water
  • Una copa de vino – a glass of wine
  • Con hielo – with ice
  • Sin hielo – without ice
  • Fria – cold
  • Natural – room temperature
  • Una lata – a can
  • Una botella – a bottle
  • Una caña – a stemmed glass
  • Un tubo – a tall straight glass
  • Una jarra – a jug
  • Una botella mas grande – a larger bottle
  • Una botella mas pequeña – a smaller bottle
  • Un chupito – small serving in a shot glass

A few translations of Drinks and beverages in Ronda – Tourist Information – Hotel booking – Activities – Events in Ronda and Surrounding Villages.

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Ventas in Spain – El Tropezon in the village of Montecorto

Ventas in Spain

A “venta” is a road side cafeteria, bar and restaurant and you should look out for them on the larger country roads between towns and villages. Visiting a venta in Spain is an excellent way to see and sample the local, traditional gastronomy and way of life in Spain. These Ventas in Spain almost always have a friendly, family atmosphere and some even have hostel or hotel type accomodation.

The simplest ventas consist of a bar and tables in one room. The larger ones have a separate dining room away from the noise of the bar and perhaps an outdoor terrace. Often on display is a selection of local produce and crafts to admire and, of course, to buy.

Non smoking laws are enforced in Spain in public areas. Smoking is not allowed inside and the owner of the establishment will be fined if people are caught breaking this law.

An excellent example of a traditional venta (in Andalucia) is “Venta El Tropezon“. Situated on the main road between Ronda and Arcos de la Frontera, at the junction to a village named Montecorto. The word “tropezon” describes a nice, unexpected surprise. For example, if you trip over but on the floor you find a coin or something else valuable.

You can follow the facebook page of El Tropezon here.

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Wine tasting tours and visiting a winery in Ronda.

Where to find a wine tour in Ronda?

Over the last few years the wineries (“bodegas” in Spanish) of Ronda have greatly increased their production and are going through what can only be described as a “boom time”. There are over 20 excellent vineyards producing Red, Rosé and white wines with the denomination of origin “Wines of Malaga” (Malaga being the province that Ronda belongs to.) Many of the wineries are open to the public for wine tasting tours and some even provide full lunches and dinners with matched wines to the food courses.

Bodegas la Sangre de Ronda.

If you are in Ronda then this is probably the best place to start as they have there own wine museum and interpretation centre located on the street called Gonzalez Campos (number 2.) This wine company obviously has a great passion for  wine and their philosophy as a winery  is to investigate and share viticulture and oenology practices.

Bodegas La Sangre - Wine interpretation centre and wine tasting tours in Ronda Spain
Bodegas La Sangre – Wine interpretation centre and wine tasting tours in Ronda

Contact information and reservations:
Tel:952 87 97 35
  • Mon – Thu –
  • Friday –
  • Saturday –
  • Sunday –
Address:  Calle Gonzalez Campos (number 2.)

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Visit a vineyard and wine tasting in Ronda

Just a few kilometres from Ronda in the general direction of Acinipo you will find the vineyard F.Shatz Spread out southwards over a gentle slope with views towards the Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves. Hailing from a wine growing family in the Wuerttemberg region of Germany, Friedrich Schatz chose Ronda as the base for his new winery on the Ronda-Acinipo Road. F. Schatz has since become known for their organic wines, Lemberger (Bodega Schatz is the only vineyard in Spain to produce single-variety wines of these grapes.), Chardonnay, and Muskattrollinger. All grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small containers to prevent breaking of the skins. Fruitiness and natural earthy aromas are the hallmark of F. Schatz wines.

Strictly by appointment only so ask in the tourist office or your hotel reception to help you organise your visit.

More info on wineries in the Ronda area here…

Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, a Premium Spanish Lager

Back in 2009 Cruzcampo’s premium product, the Gran Reserva won gold at the awards for the World’s Best Strong Lager, and whilst the beer is available for sale internationally there can be no doubt enjoying an ice cold glass in Spain is preferable.

Even in winter if the sun is shining you’ll see connoisseurs of fine lagers sipping the Gran Reserva appreciatively with a plate of Jamon Iberica and Queso Curado in front of them. Ronda’s Plaza del Socorro, the Plaza Alameda, or Calle Comandante Salvador Carrasco are three of the best locations for enjoying the sun all year round. Continue reading Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, a Premium Spanish Lager