View from the alameda, Ronda. Poetry about Ronda

Poetry about Ronda

The town of Ronda, with its rich history, culture, and natural beauty, has been inspired by many writers and poets. “The Spanish Trilogy” by Rainer Maria Rilke, which includes a section dedicated to Ronda, contains poetry about the town. The town’s history, architecture, surrounding landscapes, and beauty of the natural surroundings are reflected upon in the poem.

Andalusian culture and the landscapes of southern Spain, including Ronda, were the inspiration for Federico García Lorca, a famous Spanish poet and playwright. Important works of his, including “Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías” and “The Guitar,” which reference Ronda and its surroundings, are widely studied and analyzed for their themes, imagery, and musicality.

Among the writers who have written about Ronda are W.H. Auden, who visited the town in the 1930s, and Washington Irving, who wrote about his travels in Spain, including a visit to Ronda, in his book “Tales of the Alhambra.” Additionally, Ronda and its attractions have been written about over the years by many travel writers and journalists.

So I had a go at writing some poetry about Ronda. I am quite pleased with it!

The city of cliffs and dreams a poem by Ronda Today (January 2023)

Ronda, city of cliffs and dreams
Where the past and present intertwine
Ancient bridges span deep ravines
And the bullring’s history weaves in

Whispers of old stories fill the air
Of bandits and duels, love and care
The Moorish influence still remains
In the white-washed houses and terrains

The Tajo gorge, a wonder to behold
A natural beauty, never gets old
The sun sets behind the mountain’s crest
And the town is bathed in orange and gold

Ronda, a treasure of Andalusia
A place where time seems to stand still
Where one can wander and lose track
And be captivated by its thrill.

Have you written a poem about your travels to Spain? We would love to hear it!

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6 thoughts on “Poetry about Ronda”

  1. It’s a long way from Grenada to Granada
    and certainly a very common errata
    but I can make this point
    and not to disappoint
    There are those who mistake Rhonda for Ronda

  2. I like limericks!

    In Ronda, where bridges span high,
    There lived a man, jolly and spry,
    With his dog by his side,
    They drank wine and they dined,
    On tapas that made their hearts sigh!

  3. I wrote one similar to Ronda Todays! :)

    Ronda, city of cliffs and of might
    Where ancient stones hold tales untold
    Of battles fought, of passions alight
    And legends that will never grow old

    Bridges of stone cross deep chasms’ crest
    And tales of bandits live on with pride
    Moorish influence can still be guessed
    In the white-washed houses, side by side

    The Tajo Gorge, a marvel to see
    Nature’s beauty, for all time to keep
    As the sun sets, the mountains come alive
    With an orange hue, making them steep

    Ronda, a gem of Andalusia’s lands
    A city where time still firmly stands
    Where one can wander, lose track of hours
    And be enchanted by its ancient powers.

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