Trains to Ronda - Ronda Train Timetables

Trains to Ronda – Ronda Train Timetables

Trains to Ronda have reduced over the last few years with shutdowns on some lines due to severe storms damaging tracks and major works on the Granada to Algecirus line. That said, Ronda is still serviced by regular trains from many major cities in Spain.

Reserving trains to Ronda.

Many, many people complain about the official RENFE train website for it’s difficult navigation and many times refusal to accept credit cards not from Spanish addresses. So, we recommend using the OMIO reservation system that you can find in the right hand side column of all pages here at Ronda Today. The link below also takes you to the OMIO reservation website.

Book a RENFE train to Ronda and just print off your eticket. Simple for getting to and from Ronda from all Spanish cities.  Also return train daytrips from Ronda to the Alhambra in Granada, Mezquita in Córdoba, or the Picaso Museum in Malaga.

REMEMBER! You can sometimes only book trains up to 60 days in advance with some 30 days in advance so you can’t book a train for next year!

Types of train service to Ronda.

Trains to Ronda often change at another station and only a few services are direct. This means you need to pay particular attention to the type of train used. Ronda sits on the Algeciras-Granada line, but trains to Madrid and Malaga are available from Ronda train station.

All trains departing either Algeciras, Granada, or Malaga are the regional trains (media distancia). The service to Madrid runs between Algeciras-Madrid, and is a type of train known as Altaria. This is not a high speed service.

High speed train “AVE” to Ronda?

The AVE high speed train does not currently service Ronda, although there are plans to upgrade the track at sometime in the future.  If you book a ticket to Madrid from Ronda then you take the “media distancia” to the Santa anna station where the AVE high speed line is located.

Opening times and bar.

The railway station in Ronda is open from 06.45 till 22.00, although the ticket office is only open from 06.50 till 21.30 and outside these times the only person in attendance will be the station controller. Within the building there is a bar that serves coffee, drinks and light tapas. They also have a set menu for travelers with time to spare.

Convenient hotel close to Ronda train station.

If you decide to travel to Ronda by train you can also take advantage of the very good Hotel Andalucia across the street from the station. It is well priced and perfectly located in a quiet part of town just 5 minutes from the main shopping area and just 10 minutes walk from the main monuments and cultural attractions.

Click here to find out more about Hotel Andalucia

Parking at the train station in Ronda.

Parking at the station is charged for but not expensive, and the gates open between 07.00 and 22.00. If cost of parking is an issue, we’d recommend parking in the street outside the station which is free.

Be warned that parking on yellow lines or in a way that obstructs traffic will likely see your vehicle towed to the impound yard.

Getting from the train station in Ronda to the Tourist Information Office, the Plaza del Toros, and Puente Nuevo is a short 10 minute walk and you certainly don’t need to get a taxi, simply follow my walking directions from the Ronda railway station.




The printable guide and city map of Ronda.

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The guide contains Ronda Todays’ most important tourist information articles and includes a map of Ronda, the most popular monuments and nearby places to visit including information on the Sierra de Grazalema and the white villages (Pueblos Blancos).

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35 thoughts on “Trains to Ronda – Ronda Train Timetables”

  1. I paid the fee for the Ronda guide. I don’t know how to download it. I paid using paypal.

  2. Buses leave Ronda to Grazalema every day. Just go to the bus station and get a ticket.
    Depart Arrive Price
    12:30 13:30 2,86€
    18:15 19:00 2,86€

  3. Bought train tickets via phone while traveling. Can I get printed ticket at Ronda station? Instructions say bring printed ticket which I can’t do.

  4. we would like to come to ronda for the day from san roque but have no printer – it looks on renfe’s website that we need to pre book as some of the tickets no longer seem to be available, but we wouldn’t be able to print any if we do this. Can we use an app or eticket? Or will there definitely be tickets available at the time we would like to get on the train? Would be very sad to get to the station and discover we couldn’t get the train.

  5. hi, would you happen to know when the Ronda to San Roque/Algericas trainline will be back in service? :). Or where is best to get updates on it’s return :) thank you!

  6. According to the RENFE website, there are trains showing from San Roque in June up to 8th June, no trains are shown for the rest of June (that is, after 8th June). Is the train line closed from 9th June?

  7. Hi… Sometimes the times are only displayed 30, 15 and sometimes 10 days in advance…. Check again closer to your travel date.

  8. Hi, has the train line from Algeciras to Ronda been reopened yet? If not, is there a direct bus service? We need to travel on 29th May. Thanks.

  9. Hi, the train line is still being repaired after the storms last year. you can still book with RENFE (or the OMIO reservation system on this site) but they provide a bus for the transport to Ronda.

  10. Hi , we are planning to travel on June 19 to Granada .. we were looking at the renfe website and it shows no trains past June 8th..
    Is there any problem with the line or will trains open up closer to the date ?

    Thanks in advance

  11. Normally, you can only book trains 30 days in advance (sometimes less)… I think that the Ronda to Granada line still has problems and in that case RENFE transport you by bus to Granada. Or you could try the bus. i just did a search on the OMIO link (top right of all pages at Ronda Today) and there are train and bus options for the 19th.

  12. Is Mr Henderson’s railway open in September 2019. Am having difficulty finding this out and booking tickets.

  13. Hi Bet, yes the line is open now after the lengthy repairs from the storm damage in 2017/18
    Normally you can only book tickets online 30 days in advance so that may be why you are not getting the expected results if you are searching for tickets for September.

    I just did a search using the OMIO reservation system (Top right on all pages at Ronda Today) and tickets are available on the Algecirus to Ronda line…

  14. We are visiting Spain next month and have a6 day rail pass. How long does the train take from Cordoba to Ronda, and would we be able to fit in a day visit to Ronda?

  15. Hi Angie, the train takes about 2 hours and is 33 euros…. You can check times using the OMIO seacrh box at the top right of all pages here at Ronda Today. I would suggest an overnight stay in Ronda to get the very best out of a visit but a day trip by bus/train should be possible. Have a great time!

  16. Hi Ronda,

    I want to stay two nights in Ronda then take a train to Granada on 13 September 2019 but no trains show on OMIO or RENFE or TRAINS web sites. Is there a problem with this request?

  17. Still cannot seem to book a train which runs from Ronda to Algeciras on September 18 and STOPS at the small stations too. Help?

  18. Hi Bet, the train situation is awful right now… Renfe are even considering reducing the already limited services available… Such a shame… Many people are protesting about the situation.

  19. Hi John, the train situation is awful right now… Renfe are even considering reducing the already limited services available… Such a shame… Many people are protesting about the situation.

    I would suggest that you do this by bus.

  20. Hi Bard… If you go to the police station on the main square in Grazalema you will see the bus timetables… You could also take a taxi which i think would be around 30 euros.

  21. Hi Ronda!

    Will the Mr Henderson’s railway be operating from Algeciras to Ronda on 17 April 20?

    Perth, Western Australia

  22. Hi Peter, as far as I am aware yes but RENFE almost always changes the times or close the tracks just as I publish or post something! I heard that times will be affected by works on the line from mid FEb to an unanounced date so maybe you visit will coincide with that. That said, normally if the trains aren’t running for some reason or another then they use a bus transfer service to bypass the issue… Hope that helps.

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