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Celia Morales, a truly talented Flamenco guitarist in Ronda

No trip to Ronda would be complete without hearing at least a small amount of Flamenco guitar. But to visit one of Celias concerts is an absolute treat. She is one of the most talented flamenco guitarist I have ever heard and she can be seen playing at Calle Calvo Asensio, 8. (RONDA) at 6pm and 7.30pm most nights. The concerts last for 1 hour.

At 15 euros per person, the entrance fee is amazingly cheap to see this wonderful composer and musician. You can go to her website and hear some of her work as the music starts to load as you open the home page. Check out the below video to see here in action. Truly talented.

Learn about Ronda with Entrelenguas

If you are planning a trip to Ronda you should really think about paying a visit to the Entrelenguas language school. Well, it’s much more than a language school as they can offer you guided tours of Ronda, visits to vineyards, cooking courses, food tasting and tapas tours amongst many other activities. have a look at their website

They also have a lot of events planned for this year and you can stay up to date with what’s going on here…

Located a hundred meters or so up the street from the Almocabar archway gate… Why not call in for a cup of coffee with these friendly people and get them to show you some corners of Ronda that you would never find on your own!


Artist Exhibition in Grazalema Kicks Off with Two Sales

A joint exhibition of the Artist Andalucia group from the Serranía de Ronda and Northern Cadiz yesterday launched their most recent exhibition at the Grazalema Tourist Information Centre using the large gallery space to full advantage. Two of the artists were particularly pleased that sales of their works were made on the first day of opening.

Artist Andalucia is made up of Alfredo Lopez, Joe Gilronan, Frank Hair, Patricia Lane, Pauline Emmens, Alan Pearson, Christine Ellingham, and Ron Morley, all of whom are based in Benaojan, Montejaque and Olvera.

A very large crowd of visitors descended on the Tourist Centre to see the exhibition, with Clive Muir, owner of the centre estimating over 500 people made it for the first 4 hours of opening. Guests included large numbers of expatriate residents and Spaniards from Grazalema interested in seeing such a large exhibit.

Patricia Lane, a local artist from Montejaque in the Guardiaro Valley was first to sell a piece, nearly two hours before the exhibit opened with the buyer sneaking into the exhibit space to get claim their desired painting. Patricia confided to Ronda Today that she was absolutely shocked, but delighted all the same since she had a goal of selling just one painting, luckily extra paintings were on hand to avoid an empty space as guests, friends, and art afficionados started arriving.

Another local artist Alan Pearson of Olvera also sold one of his works, an event which excited all of the artists who rarely have the chance to celebrate the good fortune of one of their own since most other galleries and artists markets of the Serranía seem to be poorly frequented.

Christine Ellingham, a prominent Benaojan artist stated to Ronda Today that she was immensely excited to be associated with the exhibit in the Grazalema Tourist Information Centre because the owners are so active in promoting locally produced goods and that the spin off for artists is fantastic.

Leslie Redhead, Artist

Leslie Redhead is an award winning artist and teacher known for her dramatic watercolours. Her art focuses on the combination of spontaneity and detail that watercolour has to offer. She continues to explore the possibilities and pushes the medium beyond its limitations to achieve luminous and incredible results.

Leslie began painting with watercolour in her teenage years. She then explored acrylic and oil but her passion for watercolour never left her. She returned to the medium years later as she struggled to recreate what she envisioned. Leslie found the versatility of watercolour to be what she was looking for. She then began intense exploration into figurative studies and watercolour.

Leslie’s paintings and knowledge of watercolour are now in demand worldwide. Her portraits are filled with light and colour and have brought her much acclaim. Leslie is exploring a new series of “focused pours” of architectural subjects involve pouring layers of paint. These pieces are fresh and exciting. Recently, her pours have been on clayboard as well as paper as she recreates scenes from her travels in Andalucía. Leslie finds the clayboard to be ideal for capturing the beautiful light and mood of Southern Spain.

The artist currently resides in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She conducts workshops in Canada, the US, and Spain. Her work is featured in the book Splash 10: Passionate Brushstrokes from the Splash: Best of Watercolor series and in Leslie Redhead: the life of an artist.

For more information about a painting holiday in Andalucía, Spain, please visit To view more of Leslie’s work, please visit her blog at

Ronda Artist Luisa Fontalba

Internationally renowned Ronda Artist Luisa Fontalba this month presented a selection of water colours, sculpture, and artistic jewellery in the Santo Domingo Convent in Ronda’s historic old town.

Describing her work as coming from the heart, Luisa is infectiously passionate about colour, telling Ronda Today that art doesn’t need to represent a particular thing as in tradicional portraiture, instead she prefers to produce art that can be interpreted in the eye of the beholder.

Drawing on her background growing up in Andalucía, Luisa has found a ready audience for her work in Italy and the United Kingdom where the imagery of Andalucían passion, light, colours and perfumes are in great demand, not least as the flamenco movement undergoes a global resergence.

Luisa was brought up in Ronda, on her father’s side she is Rondeña, and on her mother’s side proud of her Arriate heritage, and Luisa considers herself an ambassador for the Andalucían lifestyle, even though she is currently based in Milan, the fashion and art capital of Italy.

Whilst Luisa’s art can be described as loose and flowing, lacking in form, Luisa is quick to point out that her brush never touches the canvas until she feels the spirit of her goal, and she is proud to produce art that cannot be defined in words.

Wandering through her exhibition, the viewer is struck by the chromatic dreaminess of her pieces, some strong and determined, full of fire and heat, with others suggesting the tranquility of the ocean or a lazy summer Andalucían afternoon.

Ask any two people what they see and a different story emerges, for some the elegance of the flamenco dancer confronting their ghosts is evident, for others the torero leaps into life. As a self confessed fan of artists such as Picasso, Kandinsky, I see in Luisa Fontalba’s works a pleasing echo of spiritual concepts where soft shapes blur, and colours define their intent.

Enjoy our gallery of some of Luisa’s art which was on display in Ronda, and if you’d like to contact Luisa, she has her own website – Luisa Fontalba Art.