Little owl on the tajo bridge, Ronda

Birdwatching in Ronda’s El Tajo

The El Tajo gorge offers a wealth of bird species to watch, in fact many tourists book rooms in hotels overlooking the gorge specifically to setup their binoculars on hotel terraces away from the crowds.

The area between the Puente Nuevo and the Jardines del Cuenca is a deep almost enclosed part of the gorge that buzzes with life, from flying insects to spiders, lizards and geckos, and of course the many birds that nest in the gorge or hunt for food here.

The El Tajo gorge isn’t the only spot to watch birds, the valley below Ronda and the cliffs and walls surrounding the city are also home to some lovely species. A full day or two will be needed in Ronda to see all of the birds that can be seen.

Places in Ronda where birdwatching can be accomplished, Paseo de los Ingleses, Alameda Park, the lookout in Blas Infante garden, viewing platform at Santo Domingo Convent, Plaza Maria Auxiliadora, Puente Viejo and Puente Romano. For guided birdwatching tours of Ronda and the Serranía, contact Clive at Wildside Holidays – Grazalema.

Common Birds Seen near the Puente Nuevo

English Name Spanish Name Scientific Name
Honey buzzard Aberjero europeo Pernis apivorus
Black kite Milano negro Milvus migrans
Booted eagle Aguililla calzada Hieraaetus pennatus
Bonelli’s eagle Águila-azor perdicera Hieraaetus fasciatus
Blue rockthrush Roquero solitario Monticola solitarius
Lesser kestrel Cernícalo Primilla Falco naumanni
Peregrine Falcon Halcón peregrino Falco peregrinus
Pallid swift Vencejo pálido Apus pallidus
Alpine swift Vencejo real Apus melba
Crag martin Avión roquero Ptyonoprogne rupestris
Chough Chova piquirroja Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
Rock sparrow Gorrión chillón Petronia petronia


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And to help you get started identifying, here is a selection of books about birds and birdwatching from Amazon US and UK.