Supermarkets in Ronda, Andalusia

Translations in Spanish Supermarkets

Many new residents to Spain become easily confused when going to a Spanish supermarket or local grocer when the items they would normally buy back home don’t seem to be available, and in Ronda things are no better. Actually most items are readily available but their Spanish name may be so different that you never find the item.

Alternatively the item you need may not exist, requiring you to make it yourself, self-raising flour is just one of many examples where expats need to be creative. Herbs and spices tend to be one of the great frustrations that aren’t always available exactly as we’d like them. One obvious example that many expats complain about is not being able to buy paprika, regular pimentón isn’t a good substitute, but look out for “pimentón dulce” which is a good substitute even if not exactly the same.

In Ronda we have an abundance of supermarkets, two Mercadonas, two Supersol Hypermarkets, two Dia supermarkets, one Eroski City, two Spars and numerous small grocery stores such as Autoservicio Ortiz, so to help you find the items you’re looking for, here is a list of common items you’d expect to find in a supermarket in both English and Spanish. Our list includes fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, dairy, herbs and spices, and more.

Herbs and Spices

English Español
Basil Albahaca
Bay Leaf Hojas de Laurel
Chives Cebollinos
Cinnamon Canela
Coriander Cilantro
Cream of Tartar Crema Tartaro
Cumin Comino
Dill Eneldo
Fennel Hinojo
Garlic Ajo
Ginger Jengibre
Horseradish Rábano Picante
Lemon Balm Melisa
Marjoram Mejorana
Mint Menta
Mustard Mostaza
Nutmeg Nuez Moscada
Oregano Orégano
Parsley Perejíl
Paprika Pimentón
Poppy Seed Semilla de Amapola
Rocket Rúcala
Saffron Azafrán
Sage Salvia
Sesame Seed Semillas de Sésamo
Tarragon Estragón
Thyme Tomillo
Turmeric Cúrcuma
Vanilla Vainilla
Wild Mushrooms Níscalos


English Español
Meat Carne
Chicken Pollo
Ham Jamón
Lamb Cordero
Meatballs Albóndigas
Mince Carne Molino
Pork Cerdo
Steak Vaca
Turkey Pavo
Veal Ternera


Vegetables Vegetales
Asparagus Espárrago
Artichoke Alcachofa
Beans Frijoles
Brocolli Brocolí
Cabbage Repollo
Carrot Zanahoria
Cauliflower Coliflor
Celery Apio
Corn Maíz
Cucumber Pepino
Eggplant Berenjena
Lettuce Lechuga
Mushroom Champiñón
Onion Cebolla
Peas Arvejitas
Pepper Pimienta
Potato Papa
Pumpkin Calabaza
Sweet Potato Camote
Tomato Tomate
Turnip Nabo
Spinach Espinaca


English Español
Fish Pescado
Cod Bacalao
Crab Jaiba
Lobster Langosta
Mussels Mejillons
Oyster Osteon
Shrimp Camaron
Squid Calamar
Tuna Atun

Dairy Products

English Español
Butter Mantequilla
Butter (Unsalted) Mantequilla sin Sal
Cheese Queso
Cheese Queso
Cottage Cheese Queso Cottage
Cream Cheese Queso Crema
Eggs Huevos
Ice Cream Helado
Margarine Margarina
Milk Leche
Sour Cream Crema Agria
Yogurt Yogur

Fruit and Nuts

English Español
Fruit Fruta
Nuts Nuez
Almond Almandra
Apple Manzana
Apricot Durazno
Avocado Aquacate
Banana Plátano
Blueberry Arándano
Cashew Anacardos
Cherry Cereza
Chestnut Castañas
Coconut Coco
Gooseberry Grosella
Lemon Límon
Orange Naranja
Peach Melocotón
Peanut Maní
Pear Pera
Pineapple Pina
Plum Ciruela
Raisin Pasa
Raspberry Frambuesa
Rhubarb Ruibarbo
Strawberry Fresa