Museums of Ronda the tourist ticket

The Tourist Ticket (The best way to visit Rondas top attractions)

When you get to Ronda (even if you have found Ronda Today useful) the first place on your lisit of visits should be the Tourist Office which is located by the bull ring (Plaza de Toros.) It is here that the English speaking staff can give you the most up to date info on whats going on in Ronda such as concerts, exhibitions and sell you the “tourist ticket”.

The “Tourist Ticket” (Bono Turístico in Spanish.)

The new Tourist Voucher “Bono 8 Monumentos” has now replaced the old Bono Turístico.

This one price ticket allows you access to some of the “on the list” places to visit in Ronda.

You can buy it at the main tourist office (by the bullring) or online at this link:,experiencias_actividades/arquitectura_plazas_monumentos,experiencias_y_actividades_/bono_8_monumentos

  • The interpretation centre of the new bridge (Puente Nuevo)
  • the Palacio de Mondragón (The Museum of Ronda)
  • The Arab baths
  • Unicaja Joaquín Peinado Museum , in memory of the work of the Ronda painter Joaquín Peinado
  • Casa del Gigante. One of the few examples of Nasrid culture in the province of Malaga
  • The Lara Museum , where you can enjoy different works of art and antiques from the private collection of Juan Antonio Lara
  • Casa Don Bosco , a modernist style mansion built at the beginning of the 20th century by Santiago Sanguinetti, where its beautiful Nasrid tiles, 19th century tapestries and its beautiful patio stand out.

Prices are 20 euros per adult 14 euros for pensioners and 14 to 18 year olds. Children under 14 go for free.

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4 thoughts on “The Tourist Ticket (The best way to visit Rondas top attractions)”

  1. You are most welcome Jessica! There is a lot of information on this site to help you with your visit to Ronda… Also you can reserve your hotel, hire car, flights and buses directly from Ronda Today… We get a little bit of commission and that helps a lot! If you have any questions about your visit just ask.. :)

  2. When in Ronda we would like to take a day trip to Grazalema but the bus schedules departures are no earlier than 1pm. Is there an alternate way to visit earlier in the day?

  3. Hi Frederick. A lot of people take a taxi from Ronda earlier in the morning and then, to save money, get the bus back in the afternoon… The taxi should be around 25 euros 1 way but check with your hotel or ask in the tourist office by the bullring….

    You can read more about Grazalema on my website here…..

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