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Damas Goyescas Stomp Grapes at the Wine Museum of Ronda

It is becoming a popular and enjoyable event within the Pedro Romero Feria, the annual grape stomping to officially kick off the beginning of the wine pressing season after grapes have matured in the summer sun. The arrival of the Damas Goyesca to lend their feet is eagerly awaited.

Aside from stomping grapes in traditional wooden tanks, which is a lot of fun, the day has a more serious agenda as dignataries and visitors are able to sample some of the latest wines on offer, as well as some of the best meats and cheeses made in the Serranía.

For thousands of years wine has been made in the Serranía, ancient Iberian people are understood to have fermented grapes, though the Romans really gave wine making a boost with dozens of warehouses at Setenil supplied by large villas surrounding Acinipo. In fact Acinipo wine is believed to have been in great demand in the larger cities of Iberia and Rome itself.

During the last century vineyards have slowly made a comeback, not achieving much renown until recently, though the pace of change of acceptance of Ronda wines is speeding up with several local wines taking Gold at some of the most prestigious international wine competitions.

The annual wine stomping at the Museum of Wine in an old factory near the Santa Maria church is new tradition, but one that is proving popular with wine connoisseurs and tourists, in fact in 2007 over 4,000 people attended.

Great strides have been taken to promote wines of the district, with a special designation having been approved “Designation of Origin Malaga – Serranía de Ronda”, especially after the great phylloxera tragedy.

Thankfully the days of Ronda wines being shunned are well past us, and great vineyards such as La Sangre de Ronda, Jorge Bonet, Los Aguilares, Andalus, Doña Felisa and many more attracting attention from some of the best restaurants in Spain, and other wines sought ofter in foreign markets, the future is looking bright.

Ronda to get Viticulture Centre of Training

Last week the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and representatives from the Ronda city council signed an agreement to create a centre of wine development in the city, one of just 43 lighthouse projects being planned around Spain.

Valued at 2.5 million Euros the project will see Ronda become home to a centre of training and wine development, cementing the developing status of Ronda wines as important to wine production in Spain, and adding to the nations export potential.

The old water tower in the industrial area of Ronda has been chosen to be redeveloped and would include an experimental wine tasting area, laboratory analysis, multimedia centre, and training for viticulturists. The centre is expected to be operational by the end of 2011.

Choosing the old water tower is seen as positive and would prevent decay of the architecturally impressive building which has been described as having historical interest, and with an area of 1285 sqm is certainly large enough, though is in an unusual location.

Source within the council suggest the location may not be completely suitable and by the time the project is eventually finalised may be relocated out of Ronda into the surrounding district.