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What are the most typical Spanish dishes?


* Practice your Spanish by reading the Spanish version of the text (for A1.2 students or higher). 

If you are in Spain and you don’t know the typical dishes, see the list below made by our A1 students. They are delicious, SO yummy! Do not hesitate to try them.

Micky, Germany

Paella: Paella is a famous rice dish from Valencia. There are different types of Paella. It can be with vegetables, chicken, rabbit or seafood.

Fried anchovies: Anchovies can be fried or cooked with vinegar. I love fried anchovies fried with flour in a frying pan. You can eat anchovies with lemon and bread.

Rob, The Netherlands

Churros: Churros is a typical Spanish pastry, it is shaped like a long sausage and can be either straight or curly. You can eat them for breakfast either with sugar or chocolate.

Croquetas: Croquetas are covered by breadcrumbs. They are fried and made of meat, mushrooms or shrimps. You can eat them as a tapa (small portion).

Philip, UK

Gazpacho: There are plenty of gazpacho…

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