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Enchanted places to go near Ronda, Spain

If you have a few days to do a Malaga walking tour we can give you several details of plans that cannot go unnoticed. Surely somebody has told you: Do not forget to visit Ronda in Malaga or you probably did also hear of Cuevo del Gato Ronda and visit of the White Villages of Andalucía. But do you know what to do in Ronda? Why the name White Villages? The legends in Malaga that made this destination to one of the objectives for travellers who are coming to Spain? All this we will tell you in the next post.

On your way to the dream city Ronda you will meet the river tour Caminito del rey. Do not hesitate to do it! Book your ticket in advance or if you prefer there are always a minimum amount of tickets at the box office.

When you are in Ronda our advice is to get lost in the old city and enjoy the sights and monuments, without forgetting the gastronomy of course and the local product that Ronda offers. The Arab baths, Ronda’s Mondragón Palace and the three bridges that unify The…

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