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When we do a tour or a leisure activity during a trip, we like to feel that we are in the best hands. Tourism companies have the special ability to form and immortalise the memories of the place that we discover with them. It is essential that that they not only count on the knowledge of the history and the curiosities of the destination, but also on the love towards it. Only in this way can you guarantee a genuine and unforgettable experience. In Ronda, the name of this company is entrelenguas: under the same name we mix orange tourism, leisure tourism and idiomatic tourism so we can receive clients with different interests, but always under the same philosophy, Slow travel. They take travellers to carefully designed routes and share with them their passion for the local and community, teach Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere and organize quality events fostering cultural offer in Ronda. Today, this cultural immersion centre tells us more about its approach to Slow Tourism and the…

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What is Slow Food?

Are you one of those who pay attention to what they eat? If it is yes and you also like to do it when you travel.  This might interest you!

At Entrelenguas we like the colours of the garden and the smell of fresh vegetables. We love to see every morning the man who comes down to say hello to the donkey. The lady who sells walnuts in front of her house. The range eggs which are brought to us from our neighbour every week and in general, the food and things are maded with love and affection.

Telling this is not causality since the Slow Food philosophy is born of the lack of attention towards the more traditional customs and has been lost with the boiling point of the city, the consequence of the poor quality of our food these days.

The term Slow Food is the opposite of Fast Food and in general the lack of humanity that goes to the production of food. Slow and food, two terms that when they come together they mean all traditional products and without additives that are involved in…

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What is Slow tourism?

We define Slow tourism as a philosophy of travelling that allows us to get the most real side of a destination from the traveler experience.

The attempt to recover from a relaxed rhythm of life and to have time to think twice and with criterion what we want, to be taken over the passage of time and to allow things to happen without more, have made the slow movement one of the protagonists in our social networks. In short, this movement reclaims the lost principles because of the evolution of our routines towards an accelerated lifestyle and where the most basic values have lost their importance. Another way to say slow is quiet, calm, and relaxed. It means to double our way of acting and to relate to the environment and, more importantly, to people.

If we apply the movement described above to tourism we find a way of traveling that promotes recovering the basic values of tourism to achieve a real and true experience. We can describe slow travel as one that teaches us to be…

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