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Five programmes to watch on Netflix and practise your Spanish!

© By James Taylor, a student at Entrelenguas.

Netflix is a great tool for language learning – with a click of a button you have thousands of Spanish TV programmes at your fingertips, ready and waiting to be watched! Personally, I usually turn on Spanish subtitles whilst watching as it helps increase my understanding of the more subtle plot twists, but of course do as you please! Hundreds of Latin American TV series are available, as well as those produced here in Spain.

See below for some of my recommendations – enjoy!

1. Bajo Sospecha

Were you, along with so many other Brits (!), glued to your screens for each and every episode of Broadchurch? This is the series for you! Just after celebrating her First Communion, a young girl disappears and is nowhere to be found. Who is responsible and where is the girl?! A pair of detectives go undercover to find out the truth and encounter a village wracked with secrets and lies. There are eight episodes in the first series and if you…

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