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Mr Henderson’s Railway walk between Benaojan and Jimera de Libar

Mr Henderson’s Railway walk between Benaojan and Jimera de Libar is one of the most popular walks in the Serranía for visitors, particularly because it is long enough to be a challenge for some, but short enough to really enjoy the walk, see some lovely nature, and be located between two railway stops giving peace of mind if anything untoward were to happen help is close at hand.

The walk is just 7.5km from start to end, and the return walk is listed as a three and a half hour walk. The terrain is suitable for all bar those with serious health concerns, though there are two sections of the track that could be more difficult because the path has been cut into rock. When walking in the countryside, always wear sensible walking shoes, adequate clothing for the time of year and take water.

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Jimera de Libar in the Guardiaro Valley

Jimera de Libar, easily reached by train from Ronda, by walking from Benaojan, or by car from both Cortes de la Frontera and Benaojan, is a delightful white village in the Guardiaro Valley of the Serranía de Ronda. Limestone mountains for the Sierra de Libar tower over the village and birds of prey frequently look down on the ant-like people going about their business.

In recent years the village has become exceedingly popular for holiday makers choosing to rent self-catered homes away from the hotels of the area, and then use the village as a base from which to explore the hiking trails of the Grazalema Natural Park. Mr Henderson’s railway walk from Benaojan to Jimera de Libar is a popular local excursion or day trip from Ronda.

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Jimera de Libar Man Arrested for Threatening Mayor

A man identified only by his initials EBC (64) of Jimera de Libar has been arrested and charged by the Guardia Civil for threatening the life of the village mayor Mayte Dominguez (PP) in Internet forums for the last year.

The mayor of Jimera reported the man’s threats after seeing comments he’d left on one of Spain’s biggest online forums, foro-cuidad.com, in which he stated he wanted to kill her, and make Jimera another Fago, a small town in the north of the country where a mayor was murdered by another villager in similar circumstances.

The threats were made using several nicknames online, including ‘jesusmartinez’, ‘eusebio 1946’, and ‘libararte’ though a court order enforced by the Guardia Civil allowed access to the user’s private account details, and after forensic examination of the writing style were found to be operated by the same person.

EBC has been arraigned to appear in court on charges of making public threats and being in possession of unlicensed shotguns, one of which was found to be loaded with live ammunition at the time of his arrest. He has also been committed to a mental health institution pending trial.

David Cameron, British Prime Minister Holidays near Ronda

The UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has been a regular though little known about visitor to the Serranía de Ronda for several years, and this month holidayed at an exclusive hotel near Gaucin, but this time with full security as befitting a head of state.

Cameron and his wife Samantha who are keen walkers apparently love the district for its pristine nature and sometimes challenging walks over local mountains, and tracks in the Genal Valley and Guardiaro Valley are believed to be personal favorites of the couple, though with the couple expecting their first child a statement from Downing Street said it was unlikely they would do too much.

Arriving in Spain, the Prime Minister met Spain’s Premier José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and was quoted as saying that as PM his security entourage would make it difficult to enjoy walking in the Ronda campo, a situation he regretted.

Even though Cameron’s regular trips to the area were largely anonymous, he and his wife are known to have good friends who live at Gaucin, and the Prime Minister has been spotted in Jimera de Libar’s “Bar Allioli” owned by Paul Darwent. At the time Cameron was leader of the opposition and had walked Mr Henderson’s route from the station at Benaojan to the station at Jimera.