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Hotel Las Errizas, Alcala del Valle **

The Las Errizas is designed to reflect the traditional Andalusian style. Its whitewashed design meshes well with the rest of the buildings in Alcalá del Valle. The interior is designed to be comfortable as well as eye-pleasing with traditional Andalusian décor. The large terraces at the hotel give guests good vantage points to admire the beauty of the surrounding area.

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Hotel Alavera de los Baños, Ronda *

Nestled in the old Jewish Quarter in Ronda, tourists can find the Alavera de los Baños. The hotel is designed with traditional flair making it easily blend in with its history-rich location. Guests at this hotel are treated to a magnificent view of the town and the mountain range nearby. Continue reading Hotel Alavera de los Baños, Ronda *

Hotel Banu Rabbah, Benarraba **

Just outside the Andalusian white village of Benarrabá you’ll find the Banu Rabbah, a cozy little hotel reminiscent of bygone ages with its huge interior patio that could be stuck in a time warp from the golden era of hotel decor. This hotel is nestled between chestnut and oak trees in the heart of the Genal Valley, giving guests a real taste of Andalucian forest nature on their doorstep.

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Hotel Hacienda la Herriza, Gaucin ****

Set within the scenic Ronda Mountains, the Hotel Hacienda La Herriza provides guests with a relaxing view all around. The hotel is just outside of the village Gaucin at the little village of El Colmenar, which is itself just a short distance away from Ronda or the Costa del Sol and its beautiful beaches.

Relaxation is easily attained in this hotel all rooms have terraces idea for soaking up the scenery of the area, especially as the grounds are well-kept. The area is know for its outstanding natural beauty and pristine condition.

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Hotel Don Benito, Ronda ****

Ronda’s Hotel Don Benito is a four star hotel on the side of the highway leading from Ronda to Sevilla. A wonderful hotel positioned to cater for the needs of people who want a certain standard of lodging outside Ronda, and plan to explore by car so need easy access to local roads.

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