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Pedro Romero Feria & Corrida Goyesca 2022

The first week in September is the one time of year when Rondeños really let their hair down and everything comes to a stop for the week long party for the Pedro Romero Feria & Corrida Goyesca 2022.

This year the dates are 30th of August to the 9th of September and the Pedro Romero Feria in Ronda is the biggest carnival event in Ronda’s social calendar, a week of partying, live shows, fairground rides, attractions, and of course culminating in the (once a year) Corrida Goyesca, the only bullfight to occur in Ronda’s famous Plaza de Toros.

Although the weeks festivities start on the 30th of August the big weekend of bullfighting and parades is the Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of September. (The parade of carriages takes place on Sunday 4th).

Pedro Romero Feria & Corrida Goyesca 2022 program
program feria ronda 2022

Route of the Cabalgata (parade) de la Feria de Ronda 2022

On the evening of the 30th, the inaugural fair parade and the turning on of the lights with the firework display is well worth attending. The parade starts at the hotel Reina Victoria at 8:00 pm

  • Calle Fernando Morell Castelló (Hotel Reina Victoria)
  • Calle Jerez
  • Calle Virgen de la Paz
  • Carrera Espinel (La Bola)
  • Avenida de Málaga
  • Feria Ground

The firework display starts at 10:00pm at the feria ground when the rides and attractions are opened.

IMPORTANT: If you want to stay in Ronda to experience the feria and all it has to offer then don’t delay! Places will already be limited!

Most of the streets surrounding the Plaza del Socorro become pedestrian only as bars bring their kegs and counters into the street for the hordes who want to party. The last two days of the feria coincide with one of the highlights of the Spanish bullfighting calendar, the Corrida Goyesca.

The exhibition ground on the outskirts of Ronda pounds to the sound of party music, children of all ages go crazy on dodgem cars, ferris wheels, and all sorts of other amusement rides. The streets of Ronda are adorned with paper lanterns in bright colours, so many in fact that La Bola, Ronda’s main shopping precinct, actually appears to have a fake ceiling.

Corrida Goyesca

Back in 1954, one of Ronda’s most famous bullfighters, Cayetano Ordóñez, developed the idea of combining the bicentennial anniversary of the birth of Pedro Romero, a Corrida, the town Feria, and the artworks of Francisco de la Goya into a single week of pageantry. His son Antonio, known locally as ‘El Maestro’, then managed the event, and due to his friendship with Orson Welles, catapulted the event into the international arena.

Pedro Romero Feria & Corrida Goyesca 2022

Every year in Ronda several of the town’s ladies are chosen to be the Damas Goyescas, and represent the ladies seen in some of Francisco de Goya’s paintings of bullfighting and pageantry from the late 18th century. Many of Goya’s paintings were in fact commissioned by a tapestry workshop in Madrid, the aim being to print the paintings on fabric.

Read about the Goyesca ladies here: https://www.rondatoday.com/damas-goyesca-of-ronda/

Ronda town hall Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ayuntamientoderonda

“Las Enganches” Horse and Carriage Show – Goyesca Ronda

Every year, usually on the Sunday morning following the big Corrida, the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda and the Real Club de Enganches de Andalucía hold a competition to pick the best horse and carriage.

The prizes aren’t significant, no more than a few hundred Euros, but the honour of being awarded the Champion of Champions Trophy at this event far outweighs any other prize on offer at the other provincial Ferías.

Several classes of carriage are judged, starting with single horse carriages, all the way to six horse teams arranged three across. Carriages fall into two and four wheel classes, covered and uncovered, and are usually in immaculate condition. Carriage owners take great pride in the appearance of their carriages, the horses, harnesses, and of course themselves. Click the “continue reading” to see images and video of the horse and carriage show. Continue reading “Las Enganches” Horse and Carriage Show – Goyesca Ronda

Pedro Romero Feria 2010 Opens

Last night saw the opening of the Pedro Romero Feria 2010 with a cabalgata (parade) through the streets of Ronda, starting in the Alameda park and winding its way along Virgen de la Paz to Calla La Bola and then Avenida Malaga before entering the municipal fairground.

Excited parents and children could be heard all night exclaiming at the characters dancing in the streets, proud parents eagerly pointed out their own kids on the floats, and Ronda gave the participants of the Folklore Gala a rousing welcome as they sang, played traditional instruments, and danced their way home.

The highlight of the parade however is always the final float containing the reigning queen of the feria and her damas goyescas, and this year was no different. President of the ladies, Lola Riaza was resplendent in a gorgeous black and white gown with a winged icon behind her.

Each of the damas goyesca was obviously enjoying their moment, smiling and laughing at friends and strangers, and allowing the music to carry them away as they danced in their seats.

The parade this year was much smaller than last owing to significant budget cuts as Ronda tightens its belt amid the worst financial crisis Spain has experienced since the advent of democracy, though that certainly didn’t dampen spirits, and after the parade, the feria ws officially opened with a small but spectacular display of fireworks.