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Daytrips in Andalucía from Ronda

Daytrips in Andalucía from Ronda by car are fairly easy to most of the major tourist highlights here in Western Andalucia.

Average driving times to towns and cities from Ronda

All in all, Ronda is the great place to stay for a night or two if your holiday plans include seeing the Alhambra, the Mezquita, Malaga’s Picasso Museum, the Caminito del Rey (El Chorro), or the annual Jerez Horse Fair.

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Plaza del Socorro and Blas Infante

Visitors to Ronda are often confused as to why our central plaza Socorro features a statue of a semi-naked man with two lions by his side and a couple of pillars behind him. What is their significance? (Plaza del Socorro and Blas Infante was remodeled in 2019 with a new fountain and the statue of Hercules moved closer to the old Casino on the same Plaza.)

The answer lies in Andalusian nationalism and one of the most important events in recent Andalusian political history. The Assembly of Ronda in 1918. This was when the father of Andalusian nationalism, Blas Infante, unfurled the flag and symbols of Andalusia whilst standing on the first floor balcony of the ‘Circulo de Artistas‘. The building directly behind the fountain with red CA lettering above the windows.

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