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10 words that Spanish people ALWAYS say!

There are many words in the Spanish language, but there are some that are used A LOT more than others, here is a list of the main ones:

1. Tío/ tía

¡Hola tío! ¿Qué tal tía? ¿Qué pasa tía?

Hey mate! You alright girl? What’s up sweetie?

If you want to sound like a Spanish person, you need to call all of your friends and family tío or tía. Normally this word means Uncle or Auntie, but in Spain everyone is your tío!

2. Buenas

Buenas derives from Buenos días (good day) and bueno (good) and people in Spain use it to mean ‘Hello’. It’s a bit more casual and informal than Hola, so you can use it with your friends, but if you’re having a job interview it’s probably best not to go in and say Buenas hombre!

3. Claro

Bueno, ¡claro! Claro que sí. Claro, claro. 

Claro is a word of affirmation, used to mean sure or of course. Out of the many ways they have to say of course, Claro seems to be their favourite.

4. Guapo/a

Hola guapa. Gracias guapo. 

Hey babe! Thanks…

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