Rondy Tortugas Rugby beat Yatton RC 46-10

Ronda Tortugas Rugby Club are a new addition to the sporting fraternity in Ronda, and what a start they’re making. This weekend they took on an invitational side from Yatton RC, a league club in England, and what a game it was. At full time the score stood 46-10 to the Tortugas, a fantastic effort for a young 3rd division team.

If you aren’t aware, Tortugas is the Spanish word for turtles, but in this game I’m happy to say Ronda’s forwards outpaced the visitors every time, most tries were a very comfortable run along the sideline and then straight under the posts in good position for the conversion kick.

Sadly Ronda’s conversion kicking lets the team down, and in tight matches plays a huge role in reasons they lose. Last weekend the Tortugas played Cádiz, losing 30-20, but missing three conversions and a penalty kick which would have seen them finish 30-29.

However for a young side the boys are coming along nicely. Defensive play is excellent, offensive play is adequate and improving. Issues you see in a team this young are scrums and line outs where control of the ball is more often lost than maintained. We shouldn’t be too critical though, rugby isn’t a popular sport in Spain.

In the last year we’ve started to see more rugby on Spanish TV, and this gives players an opportunity to watch top international sides battle it out. I’m sure in time the Ronda rugby club will be able to field some impressive local players who’ll be the equal of any foreign player. And speaking of foreigners, I’m proud to say the Ronda rugby club only has three British players out of a total squad of around 20.


One thought on “Rondy Tortugas Rugby beat Yatton RC 46-10”

  1. Thanks for the game and hospitality, all those concerned had a great weekend and arrived home safely. Just one thing to say about the match Average age of Yatton Veterans,… 47.7, average age of Tortugas,… 19.6…..

    Great atmosphere in the Tortugas side, keep it going lads. Hope to see you in the UK for a return fixture at some point.

    Good luck for the future

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