Ronda Tortugas Rugby Team Partner with Asprodisis

Ronda’s Tortuga Rugby Team have added a new project to their burgeoning club, offering social rugby games to people with intellectual disabilities as part of their ongoing rehabilitation. The association with Asprodisis was announced today after the success of the first game played between Asprodisis patients and members of the Ronda Tortugas third division team.

The first game was described by club president Hans Leuenberger as “an adventure” as players adjusted to making contact with the Asprodisis players. Initial hesitancy soon gave way to spirited playing as simple rules of the game were developed.

Players from the Asprodisis squad took to running with the ball with gusto, with everyone enjoying some good rugby, albeit at a very basic level. Ronda Tortugas are the first competitive team in the Andalusian league to partner with a mentall handicapped association, and weekly games have now been integrated into the therapeutic activities of Asprodisis.

The Ronda Tortugas Rugby team play in the third division Andalusian Rugby league, and have three junior training days, two in Ronda, and one in Arriate for children aged 4-11. It is hoped a full club with multiple teams can be developed in Ronda, whilst senior players hope that Ronda will be promoted to the second league in the next 2-3 years.

La Asociación Protectora de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual de Ronda y la Comarca (Asprodisis) is the largest caregiver for intellectually handicapped people in the Serranía de Ronda, offering residential facilities, employment opportunities, as well as rehabilitation services to people of all ages and conditions.

2 thoughts on “Ronda Tortugas Rugby Team Partner with Asprodisis”

  1. Well done Ronda Tortugas, this is a wonderful initiative and I’m sure the handicapped people will really enjoy a good ruck once they get used to playing the game. In countries like Australian and New Zealand a lot of handicapped people play rugby touch which is a non contact form of the game and it helps their hand eye coordination and gives them a chance to run and have fun. Good luck

  2. Fantastic Tortugas!!!
    Typical behavour of the BEST CLUB in Andalucia.
    Well done to Hans and the Players.


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