Ronda to Withdraw Franco Era Symbols

Ronda’s Commission of Historical Memory, a town hall sponsored group, have agreed to completely remove all honors and symbols from the city of Ronda that glorify the dictatorial rule of Francisco Franco, Spain’s leader from the civil war until his death in 1975.

References in the city archives and documents to Franco that were obviously politically motived, such as the awarding of medals, keys to the city, will be withdrawn and publicly refuted. At the same time council archives where statements that glorify Franco as the father of the nation will be struck out.

Within Ronda, numerous symbols of Franco’s rule still exist, for example shields on buildings, names of buildings and streets etc, and over the coming months all of these will be removed. Several buildings and streets in Ronda are named after Franco era people or ideals, and in the spirit of promoting democratic values, the town hall intention is that young people will learn of their history of these names and the brutal government they represent.

The vote to commence removal of Franco era awards and symbols was held on March 3rd, and the full council was unanimous in their decision. Ronda Today is aware that not all inhabitants of the city are happy with this move, but those who think the decision is a waste of time and money believe history has turned against them.