Ronda to Get Several New Traffic Roundabouts

Ronda’s councillor for traffic, José Morales García, has announced plans to ease several bottlenecks in the city with the creation of new roundabouts in notorious blackspots on Avenia Málaga, Avenida Andalucía, and Calle Guadalhorce.

Over the last few months three new roundabouts have been created, in Plaza de Espana, at Parque del Sur at the entrance to the Dehesa suburb, and on Calle Genal and Calle Fernando de los Rios in the Poligono at the corner nearest the Aldi and Supersol supermarkets.

The new roundabouts have been positioned in areas that frequently create traffic problems, requiring Policia Local to direct traffic, and in worst case scenarios causing vehicle accidents including several serious injuries and a pedestrian fatality last year.

Avenida Málaga is to receive four new roundabouts, the two most needed being at the intersections with Calle Granada and Avenida Ricardo Navarette, and the intersection with Avenida Serranía. The corner of Avenida Andalucía and Avenida Martinez Astein in front of the railway station will also receive a roundabout, as will the corner of Calle Genal and Calle Guadalhorce in the poligono near the hotel Berlanga.

4 thoughts on “Ronda to Get Several New Traffic Roundabouts”

  1. One of the roundabouts mentioned in the story is in fact adjacent to the corner you mention Julia, and engineers are believed to be assessing that corner to see if a roundabout there would be possible. A lot of large trucks turn on that corner, but a power transformer on the corner is seen as being a potential stumbling block.

  2. Yes, we have noticed that ‘good old Morales’ is doing some well needed changes. I could suggest a few more difficult spots. Like the one crossing the railway on the way to the poligono passing by Dia. At th end of that lane (no idea the name, never remember street names) when you get to the T juncion front of the Pegout garage, now that one can be tricky too. Well done Andy you are doing a great job on reporting news about Ronda.

  3. It’s a good idea, however that road is not managed by the Ayuntamiento de Ronda, it is in fact managed by the Diputaction de Málaga, so you’d need to approach them, or ask either the Ronda or Benaojan councils to propose the traffic calming measures to the provincial road authority.

  4. Yeh! Can we also have some traffic calming measures on the road to Benaojan cos some boy/girl racers are gonna kill me & my kids when they ignore the 40km limit.

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