Ronda News: Morales Reported to Have Resigned from Council

Maribel Morales (PSOE), the Councillor for Tourism in Ronda is reported to have resigned her position in a long running dispute with the mayor Antonio Marín Lara over party direction. Morales has been an outspoken critic of the mayor since he and several other former Partido Andalucista (PA) councillors abandonded the PA and joined the PSOE.

Since Morales is PSOE, this means a replacement must be drawn from the PSOE list of candidates, with Charlotte Wilmot next on the list, however her official appointment may not be confirmed for several days whilst the PSOE executive meet to accept Morales resignation.

If Wilmot is endorsed by the PSOE executive, the mayor will need to decide if a council reshuffle is necessary, or simply allow Wilmot to step into Morales position as Councillor for Tourism. Our sources indicate Marín Lara may choose to reshuffle a handful of positions given the prestige associated with Tourism with many other councillors expected to be interested in the position.

Public disputes within the PSOE rarely bubble over into the public domain so Morales resignation which has been speculated on this week is a significant development and strengthens Lara’s hand going forward, and is now tipped to be appointed official candidate for mayor by the PSOE, whilst opposition to his appointment gives the appearance of crumbling.

Breaking News: The PSOE party president Francisco Cañestro has confirmed receiving Morales resignation and stated he would prefer she stay on within the party, but in a statement to the press Morales explained the PSOE are no longer being true to their Socialist roots and that in good conscience she cannot represent her electorate and work under these conditions.