Bicycle hire in Ronda

Ronda Gets Bicycles for Hire On Demand

The service this article mentions has been discontinued in Ronda due to budget cuts, and we recommend CycleRonda for bicycle hire during your stay in Ronda.

Easy bicycle hire around the city for residents today became a reality as 7 hiring points were opened, with a total of 70 bicycles available to the people of Ronda. Readers may remember Ronda Today announced the intention to go ahead with this bike hire project some months ago.

Costing 110,000€, the system known as ENbici will enable Rondeños to ride around the city, notably to shops and sport centres, then park their hired bike at a drop off point, and negates the need for a personal bike and problems of securing a bike.

The Provincial Delegate for Innovation, Pilar Serrano, hopes the 70 bicycles being installed in locations around Ronda will contribute to savings of 39,000 litres of fuel and reduce emissions of CO2 by 110 tons around Ronda.

Residents wanting to make use of the bicycles to cycle Ronda will need to apply for a cycling card from one of four locations around the city, the Municipal Swimming Pool, the Tourism Office near the Plaza de Toros, or the Office of Citizens Affairs in Calle Molino.

Cards cost 30 Euros, this is a one off fee, and using the bikes is a free service once the card is activated.

At this stage, bicycles can be picked up and dropped off at the Casa de la Juventud, the Municipal Swimming Pool, Plaza de la Merced, Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, the Central Bus Station, Plaza de San Francisco, and Paseo Blas Infante.