Semi final win for Spain in world cup

Ronda Celebrates Semi-Final Win over Germany

In a nailbiting game against one of the strongest football teams in the world, the Spanish national side prevailed with a spectacular head ball, taking Spain to the FIFA World Cup final for the first time in its history, and in the process generating euphoria and celebrations that continued long into the night, keeping several residents of Ronda awake.

A corner kick from Xavi (pronounced chahvy) found the waiting forehead of Carles Puyol, a defender from FV Barcelona, whose deft flick saw the ball rebound into the back right corner of the net, stunning Germany, and causing them to completely lose their confidence.

I was in Huskies bar, which erupted like a volcano, Spaniards and extranjeros alike could not contain their excitement, so much so we missed the next two minutes of play, but thankfully we didn’t miss much. Other bars in Ronda described similar scenes.

This morning the Policia Local told Ronda Today the evening was remarkably free of incidents, with traffic violations being the only cause for concern, ironically from parking offences instead of poor driving behaviour.

In Spain football victories are marked by fireworks, car horns, crowds gathering in the town square, with lots of shouting, singing, and general mayhem. Ronda is no different, and for a small city the residents certainly know how to raise a ruckus. Watch our video to see Ronda celebrating.

The World Cup Final will be played on Sunday at 20:30, no doubt Ronda’s bars will be packed again. Ronda Today will be around town taking more photos and video, make sure you say hi and get your photo published.