Music and concerts in Ronda

Real Maestranza Sponsors Concerts in Ronda

The Real Maestranza de Ronda, owners of the iconic bullring in Ronda, will next week (5th to the 9th July 2010) be sponsoring a week of music and conferences adopting the theme “Música y representación” – and have invited several exciting performers to Ronda, including Ensemble Cosmos 21, Pilar Jurado and Duncan Gifford, Aba Taano, and Radio No-Man’s Land.

  • 05/07/1910 – 20:00: Music in Action – Ensemble Cosmos 21
  • 06/07/1910 – 20:00: L’Arte della Coloratura – Pilar Jurado & Duncan Gifford
  • 07/07/10 – 20:00: La Alegría de África – Aba Taano
  • 08/07/10 – 20:00: Radio No-Man’s Land

Many people assume the RMR is a bullfighting organisation, an image not dispelled by their ownership of the Plaza de Toros, however the RMR started and remains today one for the premier riding schools in Spain, having been formed not long after the reconquest of Ronda by Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic Monarchs who defeated Granada and united Spain.

This year marks the 225th anniversary of the completion of the Plaza de Toros, it was finally opened to the public in 1785, and to mark the occasion a series of cultural events are planned for the city of the tajo beginning with the Music Week Festival.

The highlight of the week for contemporary opera fans will of course be the presentation by Pilar Jurado, internationally acclaimed as one of Europe’s top sopranos. She will be joined by Australian concert pianist Duncan Gifford, a pianist who has won three of the top international piano competitions including Spain’s José Iturbi International Piano Competition.

Aba Taano, a Ugandan cultural and musical group also come to Ronda to give us a taste of the ‘Aba Taano Effect’, a rousing performance that is known to produce spontaneous standing ovations from very excited audiences.

All of the acts performing in Ronda can be seen in the concert room at the Parador Hotel, tickets are priced at 10€ and can be bought from the Real Maestranza on Calle Virgen de la Paz. For more details about the concerts and conference presentations, please see the RMRCultural website.