Railway from Ronda to Algeciras Reopens Today

After 6 months of work which required the closure of the Algeciras-Ronda section of the line, today Antonio González, president of Infrastructure administration in the national rail authority ADIF announced the reopening of the line.

Since October 26th, the line has been closed to allow for new track laying including new concrete sleepers, the construction and renovation of 14 tunnels, and preparation for the electrification of the line.

Work is ongoing, expected to be complete at the end of 2010, however González confirmed to Ronda Today that the line will reopen to passenger and freight traffic since the remainder of the 176 million Euro project mostly involves renovation work that can be completed when services aren’t running.

Passengers who know the route will discover an additional 6 tunnels that previously were open track, but which are necessary for the safe operation of services, as well as several bends that have had camber adjustments allowing for slightly faster services.

At present the line continues in the same location as before renovations started, with the future AVE line yet to be decided.

Ronda’s mayor Antonio Marín Lara also announced that part of the land owned by ADIF at the Campo del Nene will be converted to car parking space to alleviate problems in Ronda.