Plaza de toros Malaga

Plaza de Toros, Malaga

The Malaga bullring, known by Spaniards as the Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta, sits close to the main beach in Malaga city, giving the entire area its name. The Plaza de Toros can’t be missed as it is visible from Paseo de Reding, the main street connecting Malaga with her eastern villages in the Axarquia.

Built between 1874 and 1876, the structure is hexadecimal (a 16 sided polygon), has a central rueda of 52m, and after the renovations of 2010 can now accommodate 14,000 fans.

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The overall design is described as neomudejar, a style that became popular with a revivalist group in the 19th century who considered major buildings should look Andalucian, and was designed by the architect Joaquín Rucoba, and in 1976 was declared an historic monument.

Within the complex there is a museum of bullfighting (museo taurino) named after Antonio Ordoñez, considered to be the greatest Spanish bullfighter of the 20th century and who was born in Ronda, one of the smaller cities of Malaga province. The museum has attracted a reputation for being one of the better organised displays with entrance to the rueda and animal enclosures included. A number of matador costumes, swords, pikes, bulls heads make this a gory yet fascinating tour.

Every year during the Malaga August Feria the best of the best of Spain’s bullfighters perform to the delight of revellers, with tickets often being more valuable than a month’s wages. As a 1st class plaza, the event places la Malagueta in the same league as that of Sevilla and Madrid.

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