Mariana Mara, Artista de Andalucía

A poem from Mariana – Un Momento
Préstame un momento, o mejor, date un momento.
Un momento para la calma, un momento para le tempestad.
Para la complicidad, el miedo, la mística y la pureza.
Un momento para el sentido común, la creatividad, el reencuentro, la tramoya y el desengaño. Para la paz y la esperanza. Y para otros momentos, todos conscientes, todos intensos. Momentos sin pretensiones.
Y ojalá nuestra memoria, solo guarda los buenos momentos.

English Translation
Give me a moment, or better yet, take a moment.
A time for calm, a time for the storm.
For complicity, fear, mystique and purity.
A moment for common sense, creativity, reunion, stage props and disappointment. For peace and hope. And for other times, all aware, all intense. Unpretentious moments.
And hopefully our memories, to remember the good times.

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Mariana can be contacted for private commissions.

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Gallery of Mariana’s Paintings

Academy Pacqui La Bailaora Flamenco Show

On the 1st of August 2009, the students of Academy “Pacqui La Bailaora” in Ronda staged a show as part of the Noches de Ronda festivities that had run through most of July and the first week of August.

A larger crowd than there were seats turned up, leaving the organising team running frantically to make sure everyone was accommodated, and then the show began. From the first clap of the flamenco dancer’s hands the atmosphere became electric.

People in the back rows desperately tried to peer over the rows in front to get a glimpse of the footwoork, all manner of amateur and professional cameras appeared, some even leaving their seats to get better photos from the sidelines.

This was a show to remember, made more memorable because the dancers were students, local Rondeños we see in town every day, yet giving everything they had to make this a special evening. Pacqui, the lady who owns the academy didn’t perform, nor did she sing, she simply stood amongst the musicians and clapped, lending real support and a reassuring smile to her students.

As a member of the audience I sat enthralled as the dancers stomped their feet, clapped their hands, and danced at the same time. The noise from a single stomp echoed and reverberated around the patio, but with three or four dancers stomping several times per second the noise was deafening, at times drowning out the singer whose voice was carried on some of the largest speakers I’ve ever seen.

Supermarkets in the Serranía

Ronda, the Serranía’s biggest city is blessed with several supermarkets, some of them quite large and carrying a complete range of grocery items. Outside of Ronda most of the villages are serviced by small family owned grocery stores, which somehow manage to stock almost everything you could need in a space the size of a garage.


Name Telephone Address Hours
Dia 956 137 958 c/ Arco s/n
Supermercado El Barquillero c/ Olvera, 22
Vinos Los Murcianos 956 138 913 c/ Alcala del Valle, 27
Hiper Serranía 952 166 021 Camino de Parchite
Supermercado Ruiz 952 166 018 c/ Francisco Cintado, 28
Miguel Dominguez del Valle 952 167 000 c/ Presbítero José Moreno, 75
Cortes de la Frontera
La Noría 952 154 558 c/ Real, 41
El Bosque
Supermercados El Mendez 956 716 245 c/ Huelva, 6
El Burgo
Emseralbur 952 160 161 c/ Alcalde Pedro Barrionuevo, 5
Supermercado Remedios 952 180 537 c/ Genar, 26
Francisco Jarillo Delgado 952 151 219 c/ Luis De Armiñán s/n
Super Tandem 956 132 177 c/ Piedras, 12
Autoservicio Olvera 956 130 961 c/ Cantillos 34
Hermanos Calderon Cabrera 956 120 275 Avda. Julian Besteiro
Mi Super Albeyco 956 130 809 Poligono Industrial s/n
Dia Avda de la Serranía, s/n
Dia 952 877 470 c/ Fernando de los Rios
Dia 952 877 470 c/ Gaudalhorce
Eroski City c/ Tabares s/n
Hermanos Carrasco y Marin 952 873 174 c/ Granada, 52
Maskom 902 321 100 (Toll) c/ Molino s/n
Mercadona 952 879 970 c/ Bulería, s/n
Mercadona 952 877 470 c/ Gaudal Cobacín, s/n
Supersol 952 878 137 Ctra Circunvalación, s/n
Supersol 952 872 643 Poligano Ind El Fuerte, s/n
Setenil de las Bodegas
Super Star 956 134 452 c/ Vilchez, 7
Zahara de la Sierra
Andrades Moreno 956 134 251 c/ Pio XII, 12
Atienza Borrego 956 123 013 c/ Peñas, 1

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