Mayor Wants Bullfighting Centre for Studies and Research in Ronda

In response to Catalunya’s banning of bullfighting within the region after January 2012, Ronda’s mayor Antonio Marín Lara has requested the Junta de Andalucía locate a Centre for Bullfighting Studies and Research in Ronda.

Citing the politics involved in efforts to ban the ‘national fiesta’, Marín Lara said it was imperative Andalucía protect bullfighting in law, and in spirit, and that creating a centre of research and training for aspiring bullfighters and breeders of bulls in the city which gave birth to the standing style known as the Rondeño style.

With two famous bullfighting dynasties, the Romero and Ordoñez having brought glory to Ronda, and being home to what many consider the most important and oldest bullring, as well as home of the Corrida Goyesca, the mayor believes Ronda is the only natural place for the centre.

In addition, Ronda’s Plaza de Toros also houses a bullfighting museum, and the city is home to a bullfighting school that produces some of the best young bullfighters in Andalucía.

Claiming that bullfighting is an industry of critical importance in Andalucía, the mayor stated that protecting the income of the industry, and this cultural aspect of the Andalucían people should be considered a priority.

A request to build and finance the centre has been sent to the Junta for consideration  when they return from summer holidays, with the mayor hopeful of a speedy response. City architects were apparently already designing a flagship centre, and this would be submitted to the Junta as soon as studies have been completed.

Separate inquiries by Ronda Today into the mayor’s statement have revealed that within the PSOE of Ronda there is a rumour the mayor may have his eyes on a seat in the regional parliament at the next elections (May 2011), and that representing the interests of Andalucían culture is part of his long term political goals.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Wants Bullfighting Centre for Studies and Research in Ronda”

  1. I don’t think I want my taxes going towards supporting bullfighting…
    If it really is that popular and important, it would finance itself.

  2. Rich,
    Taxes are used in the UK to finance football, which I personally despise.
    Taxes are being used in their billions, and will impoverish generations to come, to finance the London Olympics, which I personally consider to be an overblown travesty of what it once was.
    Good luck to Ronda. A National Centre of Excellence established here would further promote the already high reputation the town has for this dramatic art.

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