Local Girl Hopes to Represent Spain in Eurovision 2010

Rondeña Ángeles Vela is hoping to represent Spain in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Oslo during the last weeks of May. Angeles narrowly missed out last year after reaching the finals, to be beaten by Soraya whose disastrous performance in 2009 saw Spain finish the 2009 competition at the bottom of voting.

Ángeles Vela Moreno, a 21 year old girl from our own fair city believes she is better prepared this year having been through one selection contest and now understanding the voting procedures better. Support in Ronda has been encouraging, with family and fans of Ángeles actively drumming up support in anticipation of RTVE’s voting. Please vote for Ángeles, click here to vote!

This years song by Ángeles Vela is an R&B ballad with strong driving chords entitled “Tan Lejos De Ti”, which roughly translated means So far from you, and is being recorded with the intention of perhaps becoming her first single for release in the Spanish music charts. The song is composed by José María Tornay.

Towards the end of January RTVE’s Eurovision crew will open public voting for the top 50 applicants to represent Spain in Oslo, and Ronda’s Ángeles will be amongst the top five in the R&B category.

Ángeles Vela
Ángeles Vela

Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, and the release of her first single would see Ángeles follow another famous Rondeña María Villalón who has successfully entered the top echelon of popular music performers in the Spanish speaking world.

Needless to say Ronda Today endorses Ángeles Vela to represent Spain in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, we’ll keep you posted on her journey through the voting process.

Watch an Ángeles Vela interview in Spanish by Charry TV. You can follow the Eurovision Selection contests for all nations on the official Eurovision website.

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  1. What a great voice Angeles has, how do you say her name its very pretty is it similar to angel? Good luck in Eurovision I hope you win it would be wonderful to see someone from Ronda on the tv representing Spain.

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