Linguistic Tourism | A different way to travel

by @_chloeaam

Linguistic tourism is a unique way to travel, that goes beyond the homogeneity of mass tourism and encourages people to immerse themselves in the true way of life of the particular country. In some places, they’re using linguistic tourism to nurture interest in endangered languages, and in others they purely want to generate enthusiasm about a different type of tourism for example learn Spanish in Malaga. Why go to a place only to use your native language, instead of attempting to engage in the language of the country you’re visiting?

This different side of tourism is what Entrelenguas is all about: our focus is on truly authentic travel experiences, perfectly combined with learning a new language. So, if this is something that interests you, then Entrelenguas is the perfect place to learn Spanish in Malaga. It’s the best Spanish school in Spain in terms of having a true vested interest in combining language-learning with a palpable connection to the community….

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