Leslie Redhead, Artist

Leslie Redhead is an award winning artist and teacher known for her dramatic watercolours. Her art focuses on the combination of spontaneity and detail that watercolour has to offer. She continues to explore the possibilities and pushes the medium beyond its limitations to achieve luminous and incredible results.

Leslie began painting with watercolour in her teenage years. She then explored acrylic and oil but her passion for watercolour never left her. She returned to the medium years later as she struggled to recreate what she envisioned. Leslie found the versatility of watercolour to be what she was looking for. She then began intense exploration into figurative studies and watercolour.

Leslie’s paintings and knowledge of watercolour are now in demand worldwide. Her portraits are filled with light and colour and have brought her much acclaim. Leslie is exploring a new series of “focused pours” of architectural subjects involve pouring layers of paint. These pieces are fresh and exciting. Recently, her pours have been on clayboard as well as paper as she recreates scenes from her travels in Andalucía. Leslie finds the clayboard to be ideal for capturing the beautiful light and mood of Southern Spain.

The artist currently resides in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She conducts workshops in Canada, the US, and Spain. Her work is featured in the book Splash 10: Passionate Brushstrokes from the Splash: Best of Watercolor series and in Leslie Redhead: the life of an artist.

For more information about a painting holiday in Andalucía, Spain, please visit www.flavourofspain.net. To view more of Leslie’s work, please visit her blog at leslieredheadart.blogspot.com.