Herbolario Santa Clara – Health shop Santa Clara

Just over a year ago Eleonora Barrios opened a new health shop here in Ronda, aiming to provide an extensive range of products and also to offer various alternative therapies such as kineseology and massage. Eleonora is extremely knowlegeable about different therapies, health supplements and can therefore offer good advice on which products could be suitable for you.

Kineseology is available by appointment Mondays to Fridays from 10a.m to 2p.m and then again from 5p.m to 8.30pm. Saturdays is dedicated to massage such as reflexology and shiatzu, although it is possible to fit these in during the week but you have to arrange this by appointment, as it depends on availability.

The shop is extremely well stocked and offers a wide range of organic products, with a fridge for perishable items and also a wide range of dry goods, catering for many types of specialist diets. Eleonora is also more than happy to order in specialist products, if she doesnt already stock what youre looking for. Herbs and spices can be bought by weight, or ready packaged and there is a wide range in Flores de Bach, essential oils and natural cosmetics, including the exclusive Alquimia range of organic cosmetics. There is also a line for babies, mainly featuring the German makes of Hipp and Holle.

The shop is centrally located on the Calle Maria Soubiron which is directly opposite the entrance to the Alameda park on the Calle Jerez. Or you can approach it from the Plaza del Socorro. Telephone  Eleonora on 952 19 08 71

Opening hours: 10a.m-2 p.m  5 p.m-8p.m