Furniture Interpretation Centre building to be Repurposed

The furniture building on Calle del Guadaquivir, originally intended to be a furniture interpretation centre, which has been empty since shortly after construction has finally found a use, as offices for three of Ronda’s town hall departments.

Costing 1,200,000€ at construction in 2006, the building was intended to be a space for local furniture makers and artisans to display their goods, and for a period of several months this indeed was it’s function, however the interpretation centre never received the number of visitors envisaged, and closed months after opening. It has since been all but abandoned.

Toward the end of 2009 speculation in Ronda suggested the building might be converted into a public borrowing library and reference library, in addition to office space for the education department of the town council, but the idea was abandoned as impractical due to its location in the industrial area and cost of renovating to the standard required.

Today, Ronda’s mayor Antonio Marin Lara announced the building will receive a 120,000€ upgrade to install air conditioning, office partitions for the Parks and Gardens, Education, and Fiestas departments of the town hall.

Renovations are expected to commence next week and be completed by March 2010.