Emergency Repairs to Lanes in Ronda

The Provincial Delegation of the Environment and the Municipality of Ronda are this week commencing with emergency repairs to country lanes severely damaged during the recent heavy rains.

Readers of Ronda Today may recall that as much rainfall was received at the end of December 2009 and the first week of January 2010 as Ronda normally receives annually, putting tremendous pressure on waterways and causing significant flooding in Ronda along the Guadiaro river and into neighbouring municipalities of Benaojan and Jimer de Libar.

Three areas of Ronda district in particular, the Hoya del Espino, Puerto Sauco, and Los Villalones hexperienced major damage to low lying bridges cutting off communities for days while river levels subsided. Certain roads were all but washed away in places, and the emergency repairs are intended to restore access.

300,000€ has been allocated to the work which will allow regular access to communities and homes again, though further funding is expected to be needed over the coming months once a full assessment of the repairs needed can be made.

In other areas of Ronda, efforts continue to clean up river banks and scrape mud from roads. Within the city of Ronda, many cobbled streets are being repaired again after the heavy rains caused large potholes.