Eight spout fountain or los ocho caños in Ronda

Eight Spout Fountain (Los Ocho Caños)

The eight spout fountain in front of the Church of our Father Jesus was built during the 1700s under the reign of Carlos III. Back in those days the Padre Jesus district of Ronda was its commercial centre. Many of the buildings around the church and fountain were home to bars and inns, and the fountain was considered an essential addition.

Interestingly, the fountain was originally fed by water from the Hidalga Aquaduct on the Ronda-El Burgo road because pumping water from the Guadalevin river in the gorge was considered impractical.

Interested in Opera? You are now standing on the exact spot where Francisco Rossi filmed Bizet’s opera Carmen starring Placido Domingo and Julia Migenes. The opera described the mixed up loves and fortunes of two women, a soldier and a bullfighting bandit during the time of Napoleon’s rule over Spain, and it is on the night of Spain’s liberation from French rule that the final tragedy of the Opera, the death of Carmen occurs.