Cruzcampo beer

Cruzcampo Gran Reserva, a Premium Spanish Lager

Back in 2009 Cruzcampo’s premium product, the Gran Reserva won gold at the awards for the World’s Best Strong Lager, and whilst the beer is available for sale internationally there can be no doubt enjoying an ice cold glass in Spain is preferable.

Even in winter if the sun is shining you’ll see connoisseurs of fine lagers sipping the Gran Reserva appreciatively with a plate of Jamon Iberica and Queso Curado in front of them. Ronda’s Plaza del Socorro, the Plaza Alameda, or Calle Comandante Salvador Carrasco are three of the best locations for enjoying the sun all year round.

Cruzcampo Gran Reserva (6.4% alcohol) is served chilled, the bottle recommends temperatures between 5 degrees down to -7 degrees celsius, and will be brought to your table in an ie bucket as if it were the finest Cava or Champagne. Most likely your glasses will be chilled as well. Beer in Spain is generally served ice cold.

The bottle describes the Gran Reserva as “A bright amber color, stylish foam, compact and creamy. A pleasant aroma derived from roasting the malt.”

A first taste suggests the lager is slightly sweet, reminiscent of a subtle touch of a mousse with hints of dried fruit, honey and a little licorice.

The aftertaste is long and bitter, all in all an excellent combination of aromatic hops and a selection of the best malt species with an intense flavor and balanced body. Cruzcampo Gran Reserva is the result of a long and traditional maturation in the beer cellars of Cruzcampo.