225 years of bullfighting in Ronda, Andalusia

Corrida Goyesca 2010, and Plaza de Toros Celebrates 225 Years

2010 is a special year for the annual Corrida Goyesca and the Real Maestranza de Ronda as both celebrate the 225th anniversary of the construction of Ronda’s Plaza de Toros, a nationally protected monument with a fascinating history.

Yesterday the president of the RMR, Rafael Atienza Marquis de Salvatierra officially presented the posters for the 54th Corrida Goyesca and the 225th anniversary of the Plaza de Toros. He was joined by Pedro Romero de Solís, a historian who explained the significance of Ronda’s bullring, and Francisco Rivera Ordóñez and Sebastián Castella, the two headline toreros for the Corrida Goyesca.

This year’s poster for the event has been designed by Din Matamoro, an informalist artist hailing from Vigo whose particular style is often described as minimalist. Speaking about the poster, Matamoro described his inspiration as the lighting inside the Plaza de Toros, which is “magnificent, like looking at a great Velázquez painting.”

To celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Plaza de Toros, the RMR has created a series of events, including the RMR Week of Music, an exhibition on the history of the bullring which will open in September, and a photography competition that will use the Flickr online photo sharing website to help select winning entries.

Originally created by Cayetano Ordóñez, the event was cemented in Ronda tradition by his son, Antonio Ordóñez, ‘el maestro’, and is now considered one of the premier tourist attractions in Ronda, as well as one of only a handful of truly important taurino exhibitions in the world.

The 54th Corrida Goyesca, traditionally held during the week of the Pedro Romero Festival in the first week of September, this year features the same format as afficionados have come to love, three days of bullfighting on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of September, followed by the Horse and Carriage competition hosted by the RMR on the 6th.

As per previous years, the bullfighting will see novice toreros fighting on the first day against 4 year old bulls, then on the second the masters of the Rondeño style of bullfighting will enter the ring against fighting bulls, whilst on the third day the event showcases bullfighting by horseback and lance, the Sevilla style.

Pricing in Euros for the three bullfights are listed below;

Seating Novillada (3rd) Goyesca (4th) Rejones (5th) Season Ticket
Sombra Baja 33 145 92 270
Sombra Alta Fila 1ª 33 145 92 270
Sombra Alta Filas 2ª y 3ª 33 135 82 250
Sombra Alta Filas 4ª y 6ª 33 112 69 214
Sol y Sombra Baja 28 108 69 205
Sol y Sombra Alta Fila 1ª 28 108 69 205
Sol y Sombra Alta Filas 2ª y 3ª 28 92 64 184
Sol y Sombra Alta Filas 4ª y 6ª 28 87 59 174
Sol Baja 22 87 59 168
Sol Alta Fila 1ª 22 87 59 168
Sol Alta Filas 2ª y 3ª 22 82 54 158
Sol Alta Filas 4ª y 6ª 22 77 48 147
Poster for the 225th Anniversary of the Plaza de Toros