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Ronda city is one of the most picturesque destinations in Spain, and the third most visited city in Andalucía. Popular sites to see are the Puente Nuevo bridge, the Plaza de Toros Bullring, Ronda’s cathedral, the historic Arab Baths, and much more.

In the Ronda Mountains you’ll find the beautiful white villages of Andalucía, including the most popular, Grazalema, Setenil de las Bodegas, Zahara de la Sierra, Genalguacil

Iglesia de Santa María de la Encarnación la Mayor Ronda


Originally built in the 14th century as one of the muslim Mosques, the Church of Santa María la Mayor. Known locally as the Iglesia de Santa María de la Encarnación la Mayor it is located in Ronda’s Town Hall square, the Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, and is the biggest and most attractive of the churches. Its distinctive tower and front facade make the church look more like a city hall than a church.

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RONDA “La ciudad soñada” de Andalucía

So I figured that people could learn some Spanish along the way whilst researching a trip to Ronda. I have translated some of the most popular articles here at Ronda Today. This one is the basic information for the town of Ronda “The City of Dreams” in Andalucía.

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RONDA “La ciudad soñada” de Andalucía

Una pequeña ciudad encaramada sobre lo que parece ser una precaria plataforma de roca, Ronda es, en realidad, una fortaleza inexpugnable solamente vencida en la batalla a través de engaños o durante la reconquista con la ayuda del moderno (para la época) cañón. Continue reading RONDA “La ciudad soñada” de Andalucía

Acinipo Ruined Roman City

An important place indeed!

It is hard to believe that Ronda was once a major centre in the Iberian provinces of the Roman Empire, however a quick look at the history books will find references to Acinipo and the terrible battles that occurred at Monda during a civil war between Julius Caesar and the sons of Pompey.

Acinipo the city was most likely founded by native Iberians several thousand years ago, and archeological evidence at the site shows a bronze age settlement existed here between 1100BC and 750BC, and a Carthiginian town may well have been established after this period, before the fall of Carthage in the Punic wars.

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Trains to Ronda – Ronda Train Timetables

Trains to Ronda have reduced over the last few years with shutdowns on some lines due to severe storms damaging tracks and major works on the Granada to Algecirus line. That said, Ronda is still serviced by regular trains from many major cities in Spain.

Reserving trains to Ronda.

Many, many people complain about the official RENFE train website for it’s difficult navigation and many times refusal to accept credit cards not from Spanish addresses. So, we recommend using the OMIO reservation system that you can find in the right hand side column of all pages here at Ronda Today. The link below also takes you to the OMIO reservation website.

Book a RENFE train to Ronda and just print off your eticket. Simple for getting to and from Ronda from all Spanish cities.  Also return train daytrips from Ronda to the Alhambra in Granada, Mezquita in Córdoba, or the Picaso Museum in Malaga.

REMEMBER! You can sometimes only book trains up to 60 days in advance with some 30 days in advance so you can’t book a train for next year!

Types of train service to Ronda.

Trains to Ronda often change at another station and only a few services are direct. This means you need to pay particular attention to the type of train used. Ronda sits on the Algeciras-Granada line, but trains to Madrid and Malaga are available from Ronda train station.

All trains departing either Algeciras, Granada, or Malaga are the regional trains (media distancia). The service to Madrid runs between Algeciras-Madrid, and is a type of train known as Altaria. This is not a high speed service.

High speed train “AVE” to Ronda?

The AVE high speed train does not currently service Ronda, although there are plans to upgrade the track at sometime in the future.  If you book a ticket to Madrid from Ronda then you take the “media distancia” to the Santa anna station where the AVE high speed line is located.

Opening times and bar.

The railway station in Ronda is open from 06.45 till 22.00, although the ticket office is only open from 06.50 till 21.30 and outside these times the only person in attendance will be the station controller. Within the building there is a bar that serves coffee, drinks and light tapas. They also have a set menu for travelers with time to spare.

Convenient hotel close to Ronda train station.

If you decide to travel to Ronda by train you can also take advantage of the very good Hotel Andalucia across the street from the station. It is well priced and perfectly located in a quiet part of town just 5 minutes from the main shopping area and just 10 minutes walk from the main monuments and cultural attractions.

Click here to find out more about Hotel Andalucia

Parking at the train station in Ronda.

Parking at the station is charged for but not expensive, and the gates open between 07.00 and 22.00. If cost of parking is an issue, we’d recommend parking in the street outside the station which is free.

Be warned that parking on yellow lines or in a way that obstructs traffic will likely see your vehicle towed to the impound yard.

Getting from the train station in Ronda to the Tourist Information Office, the Plaza del Toros, and Puente Nuevo is a short 10 minute walk and you certainly don’t need to get a taxi, simply follow my walking directions from the Ronda railway station.




The printable guide and city map of Ronda.

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The guide contains Ronda Todays’ most important tourist information articles and includes a map of Ronda, the most popular monuments and nearby places to visit including information on the Sierra de Grazalema and the white villages (Pueblos Blancos).

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